Quests 533

Wins 334

Losses 194

Draws 5

If you're curious how Treasure Quest came about, here is a recording of the excellent Story of Treasure Quest broadcast on 1st January 2011 on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Well The day has arrived and this is my last Blog on the NTQ Website. It has been a pleasure to do this for all these years. I would like to say a big thanks to all my readers down the years. But because of circumstances beyond my control the site will end at the end of December. So any of the past ones you want to read they will all be here until then.


In the meantime we have a quest to report


On this sunny Bank Holiday Sunday Sophie Little was once again, out to retain the trophy and get another win under her belt. Pilot Perrott was her cohort and mentor, for this mornings antics around the county. David Whiteley was pondering about his missed chance, of doing some surfing, but needs must and we needed him, to rustle the maps and give directions. Questmaster had all of his knowledge funneled into writing this weeks clues. We had no Glam this week. We started the proceedings parked in Horsham St Faith and got to the treasure at Bungay cricket club.






Soo Spooner

Hi, I am in the depths of the borders on the River Waveney at Aldeby. I am of mature years but still think like a teenager. Divorced and live alone( except for my Jack Russell Minnie.) TQ is my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning, if it's not Church! Mostly the clues pass way over my head, but just once in a while I pluck up courage to phone in or add my tuppence worth on F/Book. In a way I am continuing the connection with Radio Norfok that was started with my Mother. She used to phone in regularly for the teatime show in the late 80's and more recetly answering the early morning quizzes at 5.15am!! ( Enid from Ellingham). I believe in ,if you live in a small community , dive in and get together to create a happy environment.Use local shops, support local enterprises & attend local functions.