Kirsteen Thorne is Treasure Quest's most-used stand-in, and was announced as the new co-runner alongside Julie Reinger in March 2013, starting her regular run on the 7th of April 2013.

She was born in the heart of Broadland some &$ years ago, attending Notre Dame School in Norwich. She then went on to study media at the University of East Anglia.

While at the UEA, Kirsteen started working for BBC Radio Norfolk - when it was still at Norfolk Tower - answering the phones for David Clayton's late Sunday show - so she has a very long affinity with David's ways!

Her career flourished, and she went on to produce many shows for BBC Radio Norfolk, also acting as stand-in presenter for many programmes.

Began as the Breakfast shows traffic presenter, Sophie stood in on 25th of August and was an instant hit with everyone with her bubbly personality. So much so that when Julie left the programme. Sophie stepped into her slot as co runner, as if it had always been her place. When it was announced that Kirsteen was also stepping down as a main runner. Sophie took up the mantle of Becky and as from 27th of September, it becomes the Sophie Little show every Sunday.

Sophie is the lead vocalist in the band The Brownies. With whom she won a Sing star award.They performed live at TQ Live in 2014.

You can also hear Sophie on BBC introducing on Saturdays at eight and is an oft stand in on the early breakfast show when Wally Webb is away.


Probably better known as The Weather Girl from Look East . Julie was Guest stand in for Becky, on the 10th of June 2012 and had a win on her first try .

Julie was born in Oxfordshire ,she went on to study broadcast journalism, at Trent uni in Nottingham and got her first media job at BBC Radio Nottingham  Moving into Television with East Midlands Today in a back room job in Leicester.


On the final clue and treasure of 17th of March Becky Betts replacement was announced.

In the Fox and Hounds pub in Great Moulton ,Navigator Ian who was stand in for a very ill Becky, was met by Kirsteen Thorne and Julie Reinger who are doing the running as a job share.

This will be done on a week about status

Both are well  known to TQers as stand ins Kirsteen has done 17 quests and Julie has done 4



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