Kirsteen Thorne is Treasure Quest's most-used stand-in, and was announced as the new co-runner alongside Julie Reinger in March 2013, starting her regular run on the 7th of April 2013.

She was born in the heart of Broadland some &$ years ago, attending Notre Dame School in Norwich. She then went on to study media at the University of East Anglia.

While at the UEA, Kirsteen started working for BBC Radio Norfolk - when it was still at Norfolk Tower - answering the phones for David Clayton's late Sunday show - so she has a very long affinity with David's ways!

Her career flourished, and she went on to produce many shows for BBC Radio Norfolk, also acting as stand-in presenter for many programmes.


Kirsteen is married to Simon and has two children, Chloe who is six and Abbie who is now two, and they live in South Norfolk. She admits to a love of chocolate, which she hopes TQ will help "take off the excess" of, as the large piece of exercise equipment she bought goes mainly unused!

These days, Kirsteen can be found working part-time on the Nick Conrad phone-in show, and as the producer of David Whiteley's Saturday breakfast programme.

Kirsteen feels very exited and honoured to be stepping into the rather large shoes of Becky Betts, but is looking forward to getting started and having some fun on her bi-weekly slot on TQ.

Sadly It was announced on the 24th of September 2015, that Kirsteen would be stepping down as a main runner on the show. This being due to family commitments, but has promised to be a future stand-in.