Despite coming from South of the border (Suffolk!), Becky Betts has won the hearts of Norfolk as she runs around the county on a Sunday morning.  Many have tried to fill Becky's wellies but as the Treasure Quest regulars will tell you - there's just no substitute. 

She joined Radio Norfolk in 2006 and was the first runner on the show in 2008.  Since then, she and the show have gone from strength to strength with memorable incidents involving ghosts, Anneka Rice, numerous towers and, famously, a ride in a helicopter. She has also endured a boot camp (for 6 minutes) and had a hellish task of eating chocolate at the Chocolate deli in Little Walsingham.



Here are some completely untrue facts about Becky... 

  • Leading researchers at the UEA have found that Becky understands approximately 23% of the clues prior to the Questmaster explaining them and only 3.7% after she has heard his explanation.
  • The Michelin Guide recently approached Becky to author a Guide to the Loos of Norfolk.  The work is soon to be published in 18 volumes.
  • In her spare time Becky is a part-time helicopter pilot, steeplejack and roller coaster enthusiast.
  • Despite immense provocation, Becky has always remained calm on Radio Norfolk, never losing her temper or swearing.


Some common Beckyisms:

"Its only Anneka Flippin Rice."

"Come on Norfolk, we need your help"

"I have the common sense of a caterpillar"

"Time to regroup."

"I'm not faffing."

"Just go to Sheringham!"

"I hope there's a loo when we get to this clue"



Becky likes "her" copy of the Radio Times.