David ClaytonDavid is "the one with the map" trying to juggle everything in the studio and make sense of the chaos around him, deciding which are the good answers and where Becky and Ian should go.  He's also been the Managing Editor at Radio Norfolk since 1998.

David was born in Yorkshire but moved to Gorleston with his family in 1963.  He's been with Radio Norfolk since its launch in 1980 and has always been the main presenter of Treasure Quest - blending quick wit with charm and an excellent local knowledge.  David also has an "interesting" sense of humour and delights in Becky's frequent slips.

Here are some facts about David (some true, some not true - you decide):

  • He is a qualified map reader and represented Norfolk in the national orienteering championships 1981.
  • He used to work on Radio 4 you know.
  • He's a failed accountant.
  • He used to work on Radio 4 - yes he did.
  • He used to work on Radio 4 - no really, he did you know.
  • He is the honorary holder of the Cub Scouts Map Reader Badge.
  • According to DC, every location we visit is "on the fold of a map"
  • He lives in the basement of The Forum, any further and he would get lost on the way to work.



Some pictures of David through the years...