Paul Hayes - Questmaster

The worst-kept secret on the show is that the Questmaster's real name is Paul Hayes.  While superficially the audience are pitted against him in a battle of wills and clue-solving, the reality is that Paul is the brains behind the show and is second to none at getting clues hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that he stumps the whole county (well, not normally anyway).


Paul joined radio Norfolk as a part-time volunteer in 2006 and then full-time in March 2008 as a producer and presenter.  He now presents "Treasure Quest Extra Time" and was the author of "Treasure Quest: The Book" in 2011.

Some untrue facts about Paul:

  • He collects kittens and currently has 75 of various colours and breed
  • His claimed support for Brighton and Hove Albion is yet another decoy and he's really a Norwich City season ticket holder.
  • He lives at Wroxham Barns and travels to work each day in the radio car with no maps or navigational aids.
  • He is 58 years old.
    Some completely true facts about The QuestMaster
  • Sorry but as very little is known about the QuestMaster this part cannot be filled in at present


Paul meets the Facebookers

In March 2012, some Facebookers surprised Paul and presented him with a copy of his own book "Treasure Quest: The Book" to mark the show's 200th Quest and his contribution in making it a success.