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I grew up around Kings Lynn listening to radio Norfolk. I do remember "whats for tea mother?" very fondly. I now live just across the border in Carlton Colville, very fond of all animals but alas just the one cat for company now.I work for Network Rail in Oulton Broad and visit family around Kings Lynn very often.

Retired air trafficker, living in the depths of South Norfolk, frighteningly close to the Suffolk border *gibber*

I'll photograph anything that's mechanical and moves (and some things that aren't mechanical ;) )

Born in Bournemouth when it was part of Hampshire before it was moved into Dorset. I now live in Eastleigh in Hampshire. Started to visit Norfolk when his sister moved there many years ago. Regular at the Norwich beer festival which I've attended for every year for the past 20+ years ( a record for someone who lives 200 miles away?) It was whilst in a rented cottage in North Norfolk that I listened to BBC Radio Norfolk on a Sunday morning and he was immediately hooked on a programme called Treasure Quest. I listens as often as I can via the Internet and chats to the many regulars on the Facebook group. Love the camaraderie and the knowledge I gains about the county of Norfolk which I uses on his future trips to the area.  Web designer by profession. Interests include Aircraft / Trains / Buses and runs the Historic Churches of Great Britain website.  

Known more commonly, in some circles, as Gary Cantley. I was born in Norwich (Primrose Road, top of Ketts Hill) brought up on the Heartsease until I was about 8 then moved to Sprowston til I was 16. At the tender age of 16 years and 9 days I left home for Plymouth and a career in the Royal Navy. Near on 21 years later and having seen most of the Mediterranean and Caribbean I returned to Norfolk and found a small abode in Cantley (hence the name). First listened to TQ while cleaning boats at our site at Decoy Broad, the warden thought I might enjoy it :) Have also been a part of 2 treasures and 1 clue so far. Away from TQ Sailing and Scouting are my big pastimes, I can generally be found somewhere on The Broads during the summer in some kind of craft, either with or without the Scouts in tow! If you come out to watch the 3 Rivers Race, look out for Wayfarer sail no 6204, that'll be me and another Neil that I know!

Not very good at solving the clues but now and again I get hit between the eyes and can see it straight away, others? Even when the QM explains the answer, I'm still there scratching my head!



Think I might be the newest fan - a mere novice with only 7 weeks' worth of TQ under my belt. I'm 27 and live out in the sticks in Forncett St Peter with my fiance and two cats. Although I'm South Wales born and bred, I've been in Norfolk for nearly 6 years now; enough yet to be considered an honorary Norfolkian?? When I'm not spending Sunday mornings in bed with breakfast (God bless ye TQ for finally giving me a valid reason to start doing that!), I can be found impatiently waiting for my forthcoming wedding, cooking, baking, playing pool for the local pub team and dabbling in a million and one other things whilst working as one of those hated professions alongside traffic wardens and the tax man - an estate agent... I absolutely love the brilliance of Treasurequest and even though 99% of the time, my brain doesn't really work the right way to solve the clues, being part of it makes me feel like I'm truly a part of Norfolk so long may it continue!  

Hi, I am in the depths of the borders on the River Waveney at Aldeby. I am of mature years but still think like a teenager. Divorced and live alone( except for my Jack Russell Minnie.) TQ is my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning, if it's not Church! Mostly the clues pass way over my head, but just once in a while I pluck up courage to phone in or add my tuppence worth on F/Book. In a way I am continuing the connection with Radio Norfok that was started with my Mother. She used to phone in regularly for the teatime show in the late 80's and more recetly answering the early morning quizzes at 5.15am!! ( Enid from Ellingham). I believe in ,if you live in a small community , dive in and get together to create a happy environment.Use local shops, support local enterprises & attend local functions.

Born in Sussex but moved to Norfolk during 2006 and started a B&B business with my wife at Weasenham. Sold that business during 2011 and rented a bungalow for the next 8 months wondering what to do next with our lives. The call of our rather large family still in Sussex called, so we are now back in Sussex living near the sea. We loved  living in Norfolk and listening to Treasure Quest, in between getting guests breakfast etc etc so now I listen and play online most Sundays.

I have been a fan of TQ for a long time, trying hard to work out the answers and listening to others who are much cleverer than me solving the clues.  I have lived in Norfolk for an awfully long time but still only know small parts of it.  I love having the facebook page open on a Sunday morning and listening to the radio - sets me up for the week!!    

Born in London but lived in Norfolk since 1972, first in Norwich but in East Harling for the last 28 years, where my wife and I have raised a large family (4 daughters, 2 sons). Worked in IT for about 40 years but now driving a non-emergency ambulance, which means I miss the odd TQ when I work on Sunday. Hobbies mainly involve older forms of road and rail transport - these also cause the occasional missed TQ. I also watch cricket, again I miss TQ when I go off to Lord's or Trent Bridge. Supporter of Leyton Orient (went to school in Leytonstone) but likes to see Norwich do well (except against the O's), as I worked opposite Carrow Road at Boulton & Paul for 11 years.
I've been a listening to treasure quest for some time now despite living over the boarder in Lincolnshire,I do join in where i can on the face book page even more so when Becky goes to Great Yarmouth as we holiday there

Despite being born "over the border" in Suffolk, Mark has been an avid listener of TQ for many a year and is a staunch Norwich City fan. As team Co-ordinator and commentator for the Lowestoft dog agility display team and owner of two Border Collie dogs, sometimes dog agility events and training get in the way on Sunday,but you'll always find him ready to help and post a quip on Facebook,but beware of the tumbleweed.

I was a big fan of Channel 4's Treasure Hunt back in the 80s, and quickly became an avid TQ fan when I first heard the show in 2008. I've lived in Norfolk since the age of one, and currently live in west Norwich. I'm also a big Norwich City fan and season ticket holder. As a lover of real ale, I can usually be found in a pub somewhere in the city before Norwich City home games!