Think I might be the newest fan - a mere novice with only 7 weeks' worth of TQ under my belt. I'm 27 and live out in the sticks in Forncett St Peter with my fiance and two cats. Although I'm South Wales born and bred, I've been in Norfolk for nearly 6 years now; enough yet to be considered an honorary Norfolkian?? When I'm not spending Sunday mornings in bed with breakfast (God bless ye TQ for finally giving me a valid reason to start doing that!), I can be found impatiently waiting for my forthcoming wedding, cooking, baking, playing pool for the local pub team and dabbling in a million and one other things whilst working as one of those hated professions alongside traffic wardens and the tax man - an estate agent... I absolutely love the brilliance of Treasurequest and even though 99% of the time, my brain doesn't really work the right way to solve the clues, being part of it makes me feel like I'm truly a part of Norfolk so long may it continue!