Known more commonly, in some circles, as Gary Cantley. I was born in Norwich (Primrose Road, top of Ketts Hill) brought up on the Heartsease until I was about 8 then moved to Sprowston til I was 16. At the tender age of 16 years and 9 days I left home for Plymouth and a career in the Royal Navy. Near on 21 years later and having seen most of the Mediterranean and Caribbean I returned to Norfolk and found a small abode in Cantley (hence the name). First listened to TQ while cleaning boats at our site at Decoy Broad, the warden thought I might enjoy it :) Have also been a part of 2 treasures and 1 clue so far. Away from TQ Sailing and Scouting are my big pastimes, I can generally be found somewhere on The Broads during the summer in some kind of craft, either with or without the Scouts in tow! If you come out to watch the 3 Rivers Race, look out for Wayfarer sail no 6204, that'll be me and another Neil that I know!

Not very good at solving the clues but now and again I get hit between the eyes and can see it straight away, others? Even when the QM explains the answer, I'm still there scratching my head!