I am an avid listener of TQ and a Norwich City Football Fan

I spent most of my childhood in Ealing West London and slowly migrated to Norfolk in 1992, I love Norfolk and would never move away.

Before I retired, TQ were scheduled to come to the Complementary Health Centre I used to run in Starston.

First time they failed when it was to be the treasure. Second time we were the penultimate clue and Becky and Ian arrived, they found the clue quickly and the answer was forthcoming almost as fast, so they rushed off but not before a quick sip of coffee and a trip to the bathroom (now there is a surprise). But it was a joy to be a part of the programme. (Soo Spooner and I, who became friends on Facebook through TQ, if we are chatting on line and need to a bathroom break we say “I need a BBB’ (Becky Betts Break))

On rare occasions, I do call in and give directions if they are approaching the village.

The Centre was been hit by recession and is now sadly closed, but I am a person that believes in positive thought. And now listen to Radio Norfolk during the day as well as early am (between walking my beloved German Shepherd Dog) and late pm.


Sarah Jane Haverson is the unofficial record keeper for TQ.  She was introduced to the show when visiting her mum in Heacham in 2008 and has been hooked ever since.

She was born in Norfolk and listened to TQ from Surbiton in Surrey for 7 years, when working in Westminister.  2015 she was very pleased to be able to move back to Norfolk, and now lives in Heacham.  She also appeared in the Treasure Quest documentary as the voice of the fans.

Brill (not her real name) is an avid TQ listener, born and bred in East Norfolk. She has lived in Norfolk all her life, apart from three years in Liverpool at college. Despite living on Anfield Road for a year, she remains a dyed in the wool Norwich City fan, and has attended home matches since she was thirteen years old.

Married with two children, two step children and a grand daughter, she is now a teacher in a Complex Needs School. In the past, it is rumoured  she was once in an acid folk band, and is available on Amazon at a reasonable price!

Born and bred in Norfolk although had to move away through my Fathers job. I have not lost the Norfolk accent or my love of the Norfolk area.An avid fan of TQ and hope to be there for a long time, also a fan of http://www.the-norfolk-broads.com

Your Sunday morning Scribe. I do the reports and update the maps.

So I am the one to blame if anything is wrong

Seems funny but when it started it seemed a long winded job but now it seems so easy and now even get time to comment on the clues (most of it wrong)

Creator of the very popular Treasure Quest Facebook Group, Paul started listening to Radio Norfolk in the early 80s. He loves treasure quest and is so pleased the facegroup group has been a success. Outside of Sunday mornings he can be seen driving a first bus in Norwich or taking photos at short circuit racing locally.