victoriacookVictoria Cook from Look East has been a stand-in in for Becky a few times but is actually a very experienced runner for the version of the programme on our BBC Three Counties Radio, based in Luton.

She became famous as a weather presenter on TV am before adjudicating on the game show Treasure Hunt. She acted as adjudicator, giving the contestants tips on how they were doing against the scheduled time, and providing additional information about the locations visited from series 3 onwards.Her love in life is her work  with animals and she is now a writer, public speaker and conservationist

Wincey is currently a presenter with BBC Hereford and Worcester

On 6 September 2009, Wincey Willis stood in for Becky

Radio Norfolk's All rounder does just about any job thrown at him,has stood in for David. On the 15th of April 2012 he got his first go at stand in for Navigator Ian, after badgering him for ages to take a day off

Born in London has been a Norfolk resident for quite a while now and living his dream of being on radio

Photo(c) Clive Tully (Thanks Clive)




Not quite a stand in but she did get to read the clue.

The most Famous Quest Guest. On Valentines day 2010 Becky had to go to Norwich Museum to collect clue 5 and standing by the clue (meet your predecessor) was as Becky put it "Anneka flippin Rice".

Clue 5 finally led them to The Forum and quite a party was had by all in the Studio with David Clayton getting in a hug

Anneka was the original skyrunner in Treasure Hunt on Channel 4. They did one hunt in Norfolk which is on You Tube. She left the series in 1982 .


Another of Ian's stand in's. Possibly best known for his Rodeo Norfolk programme where he champions country music from the well known to not so well known musicians.

Keith has also been a drummer in bands in the past and has lived in Norfolk since the 1970's.  One claim to fame was his 2000 quiz which got people of BBC Radio Norfolk counting Baked Beans, to find out how many there were in a can  but had to call a halt to it after 4 days of debate got a little heated.



Our always effervescent Breakfast presenter often sits in for Navigator Ian

It's said he was the inspiration for Steve Coogans, Alan Partridge character

Fans come from far and wide to meet him as far as Australia in fact

An avid broads boater ,he spends as much time as possible,afloat.