David ClaytonDavid is "the one with the map" trying to juggle everything in the studio and make sense of the chaos around him, deciding which are the good answers and where Becky and Ian should go.  He's also been the Managing Editor at Radio Norfolk since 1998.

Despite coming from South of the border (Suffolk!), Becky Betts has won the hearts of Norfolk as she runs around the county on a Sunday morning.  Many have tried to fill Becky's wellies but as the Treasure Quest regulars will tell you - there's just no substitute. 

Paul Hayes - Questmaster

The worst-kept secret on the show is that the Questmaster's real name is Paul Hayes.  While superficially the audience are pitted against him in a battle of wills and clue-solving, the reality is that Paul is the brains behind the show and is second to none at getting clues hard enough to be challenging but not so hard that he stumps the whole county (well, not normally anyway).

Navigator Ian, otherwise known as Ian Forster, is the man behind the wheel of the radio car and knows Norfolk like the back of his hand.

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