Well The day has arrived and this is my last Blog on the NTQ Website. It has been a pleasure to do this for all these years. I would like to say a big thanks to all my readers down the years. But because of circumstances beyond my control the site will end at the end of December. So any of the past ones you want to read they will all be here until then.


In the meantime we have a quest to report


On this sunny Bank Holiday Sunday Sophie Little was once again, out to retain the trophy and get another win under her belt. Pilot Perrott was her cohort and mentor, for this mornings antics around the county. David Whiteley was pondering about his missed chance, of doing some surfing, but needs must and we needed him, to rustle the maps and give directions. Questmaster had all of his knowledge funneled into writing this weeks clues. We had no Glam this week. We started the proceedings parked in Horsham St Faith and got to the treasure at Bungay cricket club.







Penultimate Blog for you this week


With two wins under our belt can we keep the momentum going. Sophie Little was hoping so and her cohort Pilot Perrott was giving it all she had to help that along. David Whiteley he of the Norfolk surfers suntan Face, hands and feet only was on hand to guide them to the final destination. Questmaster was sullen in his mood having lost the last two, but had the clues done and dusted for this one. Final hurrah today for Glam Anna  (Earl Grey) Morton, as her packing is all done, for her move to Brighton to take up a teaching role. We were ensconsed in Mundesley to start and finished up at Hopton Fete to collect the treasure.






291 blogs down 2 to go


The Delectable Sophie Little her of the ever changing hair colour was our runner today. Alongside her was Petrol Edd Smith in the drivers seat. David Whiteley fresh from surfing the aof Norfolk, was in the hot seat, trying very hard to hold the show together, and not collapse into fits of giggles. Questmaster smarting from last weeks loss (to him anyway) had all the neccessary bits and pieces in place. Glam Anna Morton, getting relief from packing for her new life in Brighton, was manning the phones. The crew were parked up in Outwell to start and we got to the treasure at West Lynn Sports and Social club Fete .








I am here for the 290th time. 293rd will be the last one, as after that I shall be on holiday.


To Today and the Darling of the airwaves, Sophie Little and her cohort Pilot Perrott, were with us again. David Whiteley was imbibing coffee and rustling maps, as he drove the desk. The only thing that Questmaster drove, was us to distraction with his feindish clue writing. The solving of which caused Glam Anna Morton to be on hand, to answer the calls. Our sojuorn into the wilds of Norfolk and sometimes Suffolk, started in Metton and we got to the treasure at Caister Lifeboat Station