Well The day has arrived and this is my last Blog on the NTQ Website. It has been a pleasure to do this for all these years. I would like to say a big thanks to all my readers down the years. But because of circumstances beyond my control the site will end at the end of December. So any of the past ones you want to read they will all be here until then.


In the meantime we have a quest to report


On this sunny Bank Holiday Sunday Sophie Little was once again, out to retain the trophy and get another win under her belt. Pilot Perrott was her cohort and mentor, for this mornings antics around the county. David Whiteley was pondering about his missed chance, of doing some surfing, but needs must and we needed him, to rustle the maps and give directions. Questmaster had all of his knowledge funneled into writing this weeks clues. We had no Glam this week. We started the proceedings parked in Horsham St Faith and got to the treasure at Bungay cricket club.







Penultimate Blog for you this week


With two wins under our belt can we keep the momentum going. Sophie Little was hoping so and her cohort Pilot Perrott was giving it all she had to help that along. David Whiteley he of the Norfolk surfers suntan Face, hands and feet only was on hand to guide them to the final destination. Questmaster was sullen in his mood having lost the last two, but had the clues done and dusted for this one. Final hurrah today for Glam Anna  (Earl Grey) Morton, as her packing is all done, for her move to Brighton to take up a teaching role. We were ensconsed in Mundesley to start and finished up at Hopton Fete to collect the treasure.






291 blogs down 2 to go


The Delectable Sophie Little her of the ever changing hair colour was our runner today. Alongside her was Petrol Edd Smith in the drivers seat. David Whiteley fresh from surfing the aof Norfolk, was in the hot seat, trying very hard to hold the show together, and not collapse into fits of giggles. Questmaster smarting from last weeks loss (to him anyway) had all the neccessary bits and pieces in place. Glam Anna Morton, getting relief from packing for her new life in Brighton, was manning the phones. The crew were parked up in Outwell to start and we got to the treasure at West Lynn Sports and Social club Fete .








I am here for the 290th time. 293rd will be the last one, as after that I shall be on holiday.


To Today and the Darling of the airwaves, Sophie Little and her cohort Pilot Perrott, were with us again. David Whiteley was imbibing coffee and rustling maps, as he drove the desk. The only thing that Questmaster drove, was us to distraction with his feindish clue writing. The solving of which caused Glam Anna Morton to be on hand, to answer the calls. Our sojuorn into the wilds of Norfolk and sometimes Suffolk, started in Metton and we got to the treasure at Caister Lifeboat Station












 Only Four More of the blogs before the end of my Era, yes reporting on TQ on this page ends on the 27th of                                                                                 next month



Three losses in a row, Sophies on minus figures of wins to losses. Could we do better this                                                           week read on.


The aforementioned Sophie was with us this week alongside the ever trusty Pilot Perrott. In the trusty new radio car, or Viv as she has bocome known. David Whiteley manned the presenters desk and the ripped map. Questmaster dutiful as ever on his task of getting the clues out, was controlling Glam Anna Morton. We started the expedition around Norfolk in Dussindale and failed to get to the treasure at Mettingham











With only four wins in the last ten. Our record is not looking too good, Sophies win record for the year is almost level with the lost ones. Either the Questmaster is becoming more devious, or the summer time exodus on holiday is doing for us. Sophie was back with us this week running alongside Driver Debs in the Verv. Questmaster chuckling under his breath, not only at the win factor to him, but also Sophies horse sighting from last week. Had all the clues worked out and in place. David Whiteley fresh from teaching Sophie to surf was desk driver for the morning. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton was in full flow on the phones and manning the constant flow of coffee to David. We commenced in Harleston and failed to get to the treasure at Thomas Paines statue in Thetford.




 All Saints Old Bukenham



Our nemesis of Kings Lynn wasn't reached last week. but we were done for by the pyramid clue. Can we do better this week? Well Sophie was back to find the clues ready and raring to keep the show flowing. Pilot Perrott was on hand to steer the Verv. David Whiteley was back from his stint on daytime radio. Questmaster still chuckling from last weeks defeat had his feindish clues all in place. Glam Gold Shoe Sam assisted on the phones. The car was parked in Dilham to start and we failed to reach the treasure at Little Snoring.







Only Eight weeks left of doing these reports as my last is the 27th of August. But bach to todays proceedings our runner for today was the 102nd solo run for Sophie Little. Fresh from last nights concert in Chapelfield park. Running around in the Verv with her was Pilot Perrott. David Whiteley possibly fresh from surfing somewhere on Norfolk's coast, was keeping the presenters chair warm this morning, tearing maps and downing coffee. Questmaster had the hard job done in getting the clues in place, he was not alone this week as Glam Anna Morton was there to assist. The crew were ensconsed in Burnham Market to start the proceedings and we failed to get to the treasure at Clfton House in Kings Lynn







Well no prize for Sophie last week on her 100th quest can she make it on her 101st. As the Questmaster says " Its all up to you the listener ". Driver Debs was the desinated Navigator today carrying on the Norfolk Show cameraderie. David Whiteley warmed the presenters chair and imbibed copious amounts of coffee. Questmaster was back from his sojurn to nowhere and all the clues were duly sent off. No glams in attendance this week . The journey started in rural Great Ellingham. And finished with the treasure at Spooner Row Village Hall Fete









 Tasburgh church


Mile stones galore this morning. We reach Half way through 2017 with 26 quests. A total of 485 Shows, 475 Quests and Sophie Little has to run her 100th Quest today yes 21% of all quest have been a solo Sophie. She was out and around the Highways and Byways of rural Norfolk today alongside Driver Debs . David Whiteley had dried out from last weeks soaking at the hands of Sophie et al and was ensconsed in the warm studio. Questmaster was on a mini break so for this week Questmisstress Super Sub Anna Perrott had all the clues in place. Glam Anna Morton assisted on the phones and cofee making duties. the Verv was parked in Mundesley for the start of proceedings and we failed to get to the treasure at Waterloo Park in Norwich







After various days off for other commitments. The whole team is back together for this week only. Sohie Little gives up the big chair, for a seat in the Verv. Alongside her was Pilot Perrott steering a secure and stable path around the lanes. David Whiteley refreshed after his Sunday off commanded the studio. The coffee flowed and so did his presenting. Questmaster who is taking a break next week (Big Band Anna is Questmaster then) Had his devious hat on from last weeks epic fail. Clues were in place and Glam Hanna Armstrong prevailed on the phones. Our commencement place was Acle and we hurtled to the treasure at The Forum in Norwich Where David Whiteley was the foil at Splat the Dad






A game of Swopsies today Big Band or Pilot Perrott today becomes Pursuer Perrott as David Whiteley is away. Driver Debs is in the hot seat. Sophie Little swaps roles also, she is Studio sitting today Rustling the maps and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Questmaster was in his usual role and had all the clues done and dusted. He was assisted in his role by Glam Anna Morton . We commenced proceedings in Fakenham and got to Clue Four at Marham







The week that TQ Live tickets went on sale, so mark your diary for the 11th of November and come and support Pudsey Tickets from The Playhouse Norwich £13 each so book now to avoid failure to attend this glorious hotch potch of humour by the cast of TQ.

This week Sophie is back. from her duties at that there Radio One Big Weekend. Sadly she missed the 300th win can she make it the next on the way to 400. The all rounder Pilot Perrott was her cohort at the wheel this time. David Whiteley fresh fron surfing no doubt warmed the studio chair. Questmaster had done his feindish deed for the week and the clues were in place. Glam Anna Morton assisted on the phones. We partook of the views of Stalham to start and finished at Overstrand Garden centre to collect the treasure.


Ebridge Mill







Cup final Weekend and they got a winner. Can we get a win to get the elusive treasure for win number 300. With Sophie still away at the big weekend, the onus is upon this weeks guest runner, the girl who know how to do it all, Pilot Perrott was in the hot seat. Driver Debs was alongside her in the Navigators role. David Whiteley was at the studio end pushing buttons and dragging faders. Questmaster had the clues and the elusive treasure posted out. Assisted on the phones and coffee machine by Glam Hannah Armstrong. Commencement of proceedings was in Aylsham and we got to the treasure at Dersingham Open Gardens








21 Today! 21 Today Yes 21st Quest on the 21st of the month Show number 480 and can we get the 300th win to give us a 5:3 ratio. Sadly sophie wont be the winner of that prestigious trophy, as she is working with that there Radio One on their Big Weekend in Hull. So todays mantle falls on. Our very own fair weather freind. The one and only wonderful weather woman Julie Rienger. And she brought her own sunny disposition and cheery way with her. Driver Graham Barnard was in the navigators seat. David Whiteley was reunited with his Look East chum and sat motionless in the studio. Questmaster had the clues and that special treasure in place. Glams  Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong stood by the Phones and coffee machine ready to do battle with both. We commenced proceedings outside the Forum in Norwich. And failed to get to the treasure in       South Walsham at the Garage Sale

 Acle Bridge inn







Midway though May and the gang is all together this morning filming, birthdays all out of the way. Saw Sophie on duty again alongside Driver Debs. The getting ever better Verv was on call once again, now that the football season is over for the summer, no need to rush back to Norwich. David Whiteley was back to studio duty filling the presenters chair. Qestmaster was on duty also having compiled, enveloped and posted the clues His duties became lighter. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton hovered over the phones (and no doubt the coffeee machine). The crew were motionless in Great Yarmouth to start todays high jinks and motored through the county and failed to get to Norfolk Broads Yacht Club in Wroxham, by about a minute to collect the treasure.




 Ludham Methodist Church





We have a milestone being achieved this morning Anna (Big Band(Pilot)) Perrott was today the first person to take on all roles within TQ. Yes she has been Phone answerer, producer. clue setter, runner, driver and today her big break through, she is Studio presenter. Yes David Whiteley is having a family get together for his Big 40 birthday today. Sophie Little was runner today alongside Navigator Ed. The Questmaster was his usual self, aided and abbeted by Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong. On our truncated four clue Quest, because of the Championship football. The Verv was abandoned in Walpole Highway, about as far west as we can get to start and it got around Norfolk to end up with the treasure at Smooth Jazz at Watlington.





One third the way through the months. One more third and it will be my last Blog on here. Yes 4 months time I finish on 27th August.

But in the mean time we have quests to report on.

Sophie and the team were all back together this week. She was out and about on Norfolks congested roads with Driver Debs. David Whiteley was back from his international travails and coffee played a big part in keeping the jet lag at bay. Questmaster was his usual ebuliant self and had all the clues in place. Glams in attendance were Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong. The Verv was parked in Necton for the start and trundled sometimes at very slow speeds and failed to get to Clue four  










With the furore that was the two parter out of the way, we were back to normal today. Athough we were not. Big  switch around today, as Earl Grey Anna Morton took on the reins, of the clue hunters role. Alongside her usual studio cohort Big Band or Pilot Perrot Yes  Anna Perrott was navigator. But where was Sophie Little? Don't despair it was she who took on the studio chair today. Yes twiddling the faders and reading the maps (please help us). Questmaster was the only standard on the day as he was in his normal role. He was assisted by Hannah Armstrong on the phones. The Glam crew Commenced at North Elmham and had the treasure in their hands before closing time at Cromer Pier 60's Weekend.







It's that time of year again. The Questmaster has girded his loins and produced his many facetted, Two Part Special for the Easter weekend. The usual twisted overnight clue was there again. The Quest also involved Sophie in tasks and trials she should be used to after last years antics. Yes Sophie Little was our Easter Bunny today racing around the countryside and towns trying to extract the clues from their holders with as little effort as possible. Navigation was courtesy of Driver Debs. David Whiteley was otherwise engaged for the weekend. So a worthy standin, in the everpresent Graham Barnard, took on the mantle. Questmaster relaxed after all of his hard work to get the clues done and dusted. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton were on duty. We commenced this leviathon of trickery at Burston in the south of the county. We overnighted at the Forum in Norwich and wound up 27 hours later at to earn the treasure at Barton House miniature railway in Wroxham












Second week of the second quarter of the year and a good weather weekend. Dont Forget Next week is the Easter Two Part Quest. Yes folks Make yourselves available for two morning next week, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. Where we should be in for a whole load of fun and games for Sophie.

 Talking of Sophie. Today was just another Sunday alongside Pilot Perrott. David Whiteley was in the chair trying to keep the show together (how will he fair on a two parter). Will the coffee be enough. Questmaster had the show sorted and could sit back and chuckle manically to himself. Aides to QM were Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong now christened Highbrow Hannah due to her Tri lingual ability. They were resting at Syderstone for the start of the show and we failed to get to the treasure at London road Kings Lynn .





April is upon us and spring has truly sprung. All we needed to know was what surprises Questmaster had for us today. Sophie little was no surprise but the return of Driver Debs was. David Whiteley was in the studio looking forward to the sea warming for his spot of surfing. But the only thing he was surfing today was the maps. Questmaster quietly seethed at losing last week to Sopheie and Anna. His clues were in place and he was ready to go. He was ably assisted by Last weeks Pilot Anna Perrott and Hanna Armstrong. The Verv was parked at Hockering to begin and steadily wended its way to Cantley where we got the treasure.




Mothering Sunday Quest so will the contributers be diminished. We hoped not as another fail would be catastrophic. Sophie Little was out and about this morning with Pilot Perrott at the helm of the Verv. Yes our all rounder was out of the office once again. David Whiteley was in the chair again this morning. Questmaster clues set was feindishly giggling in the production office. Glam today was Anna Morton. The proceedings commenced in Scole and we got to the treasure at Sophies dads pub the Alexadra Tavern where both Sophie and Annas Mums were.





Two weeks, Two Fails can Driver Debs get us a win this week. Sophie Little was runner today, She was alongside said Driver Debs. David Whiteley was deskbound having wrapped up another series of inside out. He was coffied up and raring to go. Questmaster had his devious clues sent to the holders and had able assistance from Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. The proceedings started at Tattersett and the treasure was just too far .

The winning streak has to start all over again. Despite having Driver Debs and some local knowledge we had a slight fail . This week though Sophie Little has Pilot Perrott to save the day. Yes Big Band Anna has the controls of something bigger than the producers desk. David Whiteley was buzzing already feeling better than the last few weeks. Questmaster had all of his clues in place and was assisted by Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong . We divulged the start as St Olaves and raced but failed to get to the finish at Aylsham High School.








In my best Shakesperian voice Beware the Ides of March, more like beware of the Questmasters clues. Fighting the clues and the elements this morning was Sophie Little with the assistance of Navigator Debbie Bishop. David Whiteley was back in the studio after last weeks forced abscence, the coffe had flowed and he was on top form. The clues were all in place by the Questmasters fair hand. Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong were on phone duty. We embarked on todays quest in Potter Heigham and failed to get to the treasure at Home Finders at Hainford








The week when Doris made headlines our Headliner returned from her time off. Yes Sophie Little was back as runner this week. Helping her out this week was Navigator Wally Webb. Shortened Show this week due to the local football derby. Still five clues today for Graham Barnard to fret over. David Whiteley Had phoned in sick and not even the coffee could kick start him. Questmaster had the logistics all prepared and Glam Anna Perrott manned the phones. Our starting place was Wells Next the sea and we got to the treasure at Carrow Road.






With Sophie away on a planned break this week. We welcomed back a favourite from a while back, everyones favourite local weather girl, taking a break from parenthood for the morning. Julie reinger was our runner this morning trying out the new technology with navigator Ian in the Verv. David Whiteley was on Studio duty having had his coffee fill for the morning. Questmaster was sounding in better health and Glam Anna Perrott manned the phones. We started in Norwich at the Forum and got to the treasure at Strumpshaw Rectory.






Second week in February and we woke to a winter scene. We also woke to the news that Sophie was not well and could not continue her winning run. So into the runners shoes jumped Anna (Earl Grey) Morton, for her second stint finding clues, alongside Navigator Ian. David Whiteley was in fine fettle and all buzzed up on caffiene. Questmaster seemed to be suffering with a cold of some sort. Holding the fort on the Glam duty was newbie Hannah Armstrong.

We commenced proceedings in Holt and got to the treasure at Spixworth in A new record time of 11:17







Second month and we come into it on the back of a win. Only two wins out of five so far. Can Sophie get us another today. She was out and about with navigator Ian again in the new radio car. David Whiteley was again on studio duties. Questmaster had a week off so Questmistress Anna Perrott had the clues dispatched. Glams in attendance were Anna Morton and Hanna Armstrong. The team were parked at Dereham to start and we got to the treasure in Keswick Hall .





South Pickenham Church



Five weeks into the new year, a bit like our 2 hours and 40 minutes on a Sunday, where does the time go. Trying to fit a win into that time this week, Sophie and Navigator Ian out in the new Verv trundling the highways and byways of Norfolk. David Whiteley was on presenter duty had his fil of coffee before the start. Questmaster now had a slightly richtus grin on his face with three fails in a row under his belt. Glam in attendance was Anna Morton. The van was parked up in Downham Market to start and got to the treasure at Fakenham Town Sign






To paraphrase the old song " One out of three ain't good " So we settled into our fourth Quest of the new year in debt to the Questmaster. Sophie Little upon who's shoulders the problem lay as runner to help us get back to honours even. Was the out and about half of the team with Navigator Ian in the new Verve Digital Sattelite wagon (we will se how the new technology installed works with TQ). David Whiteley was ensconced in the presenters chair once more. Questmaster wore a slightly more cheesy grin after two wins under his belt. Glams in attendance were Anna perrott and Anna Morton. We found our start location at Thetford and failed to get to the treasure in Seething scrapyard wher they had to say goodbye to the old radio car.







A win under our belts by jus two minutes over the record yes 11:24 last Sunday. Can we do it again. Sophie Little -Lavelle, that's her new Married name. Was in the runners shoes making her way around a very damp Norfolk county this morning alongside, Fresh from storm surge duties on Friday. Navigator Ian Forster was ready and raring to go as was the Radio Car. David Whiteley he of last weeks croaky throat was all coffee'd up and voice repaired. Questmaster had a small scowl in his demeanour after defeat last week but had another set of feindish clues already distributed. Glams in attendance were Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. And if the news had escaped you. It was announced on Thursday, that YES there will be a TQ LIVE this year! All of our efforts last year to pack out the playhouse, did not go in vain and the top brass and of course the cast and writer have said YES.

We started this weeks adventure in South Creake and failed to get to the treasure at Runcton Holme




Show number 460 heralds the return of our usual runner. On this Four Clue Sunday. Will she change her name now she is a married lady. To us she will always be Sophie Little. She's back after her working honeymoon standing in on Radio One. Navigator Ian was her cohort today driving in the soon to be Ex radio car. Yes only a few weeks left of her reign before she goes to that radio car heaven. David Whiteley back from his cold water surfing on the North Norfolk coast was all warmed up and raring to go. Questmaster was all prepared and gloating after last weeks loss. Counter set to zero in our quest to beat the eleven in a row. Glams in attendance were last weeks runner Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We were parked at Hoe for the start and got to the treasure in Blakeney at the panto The Emperor's new clothes.




 2017 and a new start year counter set to zero. No Sophie this week, as she is still on honeymoon (well a radio one working honeymoon). So stand in's to the fore, once again and our favourite musician, leaps into her running shoes.

Yes Big Band Anna Perrott filled those shoes this morning alongside Navigator Ian Forster. David Whiteley glad to be back after his Sunday lie in (I bet he didn't ). The coffee had already flowed before the show so he was hyper as usual. Questmaster fresh from his mini break for Christmas had the clues set and assisting him this week was Glam Kayliegh Poacher . The radio car had made it to Tasburgh for the commencement of the journey into the unknown and failed to finish at Swaffham







Last quest of 2016 can we go out on a high we are now on Seven wins on a roll, so can we do it again?

The heavy weight is not on Sophies Shoulders, as she has a week off. Instead we have a first timer. Yes her inaugural attempt at doing the running falls on the shoulders of Earl Grey, yes, Anna Morton is out and about, with Navigator Ian this morning in the radio car. Battling not only the Questmaster, but the foggy weather. David was in the Christmas spirit fuelled by an overload of coffee once again. Questmaster was his usual ebuliant self, having now rested whilst the clues are in place, Glam in place this morning was Gold Shoe Sam. We travailed into deepest darkest Norfolk at Hemsby to start and got to the treasure in the Forum







Well the news came this week that I get a day off on Christmas day as the questmaster has deemed it a TQ holiday.

Yes folks no quest so I get a lie in on a Sunday for the first time in over five years.

Todays quest is number 50 of the year and Sophies 44th effort on the road (although she only did half on DC's last day). She was around the highways and byways of the county alongside Navigator Ian in the trusty Radio Car. David Whiteley, was pumped on arabica to the point of bursting was driving the desk. Questmaster and his new trailer for the show well under way (we'll hear it in the new year) had his work done with the clues. Glam in attendance was  next weeks runner Anna Morton. We commenced the mornings antics in West Lynn. And got to the treasure at Marham Christmas Cracker Event




Can we keep the run going? With seven wins in the last ten, and five in a row. could we be on a sequence that will challenge the eleven in a row? The gang were all together again for this romp around the counties. Could be in Suffolk again this week. Sophie Little and Navigator Ian were on duty and the radio car got it's weekly outing. David Whiteley was on top form and the warmth of the studio, other than a windswept location filming. Questmaster was enthusing about his new idea, for a new trailer for TQ out sometime in the new year. Had all the clues primed and ready. Glams Were in the singular was in fine form on the phones  Anna Morton was the chairs incumbent this morning. We proceeded on our quest from Aylsham and got to the treasure in Happisburgh craft fair .


Last Sunday in November only four or maybe three quests (all according what the schedule for Christmas day holds)

Anyway back to the day at hand and the lovely Sophie, rushed back from BBC World Services, to be here again today. With another feather in her BBC hat and a spring in her step she handled todays clues with the help of the radio car and Navigator Ian Forster. David Whiteley also fresh from presenting duties at Hopton this week was all coffied up and raring to go. Questmaster still beaming, from his New Statesman fame, had the clues all worked and placed, to try and defeat the hordes . Glam Anna Perrott was on hand to feild the calls, thrown at her at a frantic pace. We commenced this week in Belton and got to the treasure at Tivetshall St Margaret festive fayre. That's Five in a Row.




Running on a little less adrenaline this week. Sophie Little was our runner again this week, braving the showers and wind. Navigator ian was at her side helming the trusty old radio car. David Whiteley had started his coffee regime and was buzzing from the caffiene overload, finally had his laminated back from the playhouse. Questmaster was still unecessarily beating himself up over his minor mistakes. but his clue compiling was back on form. Glam  Anna Morton had braved the weather and was on form on the phones. We commenced proceedings in Southrepps and got to the treasure at Tattersett   










After a Crackerjack night with KINGS LYNN!! Its the morning after the day before.

On this Rememberance day the usual break fo about 20 minutes

was observed.

Sophie Little bright eyed and bushy tailed, but not in velvet this morning, accompanied Navigator Ian resplendant in his flying suit. Out among the wilds of Norfolk. David Whiteley, fuelled by coffee and adrenaline from yesterday, tried valiantly to rustle maps and talk at the same time, but to no avail as his mind was on a thesps life that could have been. Questmaster, master of all the roles he tries, was slowly winding downfrom yesterdays faux pas and misreads. Was assisted by the stage partakers. The Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Moton, who also worked tirelessly yesterday, as they do onm a Sunday. The Radio Car was hidden away in the backwaters by the Playhouse in Norwich and we got to the treasure at scratby's Dads Army museum in darren Strouds back garden.






We have only seven quests left in this year. Of course next weeks is a special one the day after TQ Live onstage in Norwich and that is where i will be, not on stage but very close, so watch this page for photo's


Back to today the ever faithful Sophie Little crawled from her warm bed, to join Navigator Ian again this morning. Forgoing Her Cinnamon Grahams just for us. Ian was hale and hearty but fuelled by coffee. David Whiteley slightly less wrapped up than the questers enjoyed the studios warmth and endless coffee. Questmaster brain was almost back to normal after his brainwracking earlier in the week, had all the clues in place. Glams to the fore this morning were the deadly duo, Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. Sophie and Ian were ensconsed in Sheringham to start and we got to the treasure in North Walsham at the Auction



 A Turkmen eagle Owl



250th Sunday in a row sitting, doing this blog today. Nearly five years. Doesnt time fly.

Any wa back to the result of the day and how it ran, from start to maybe finish. Sophie was on hand to keep proceeding running so to speak, Navigator Ian was by her side all the way. David Whiteley tousseled hair and boyish looks was studio bound, alongside his coffee and maps. Questmaster had done most of the weks legwork getting the clues into place. Glams were out in force this morning with Stalwarts Anna Perrott (Back from Edinburgh) and Anna Morton after her Sunday off last week. We caught up with Sophie and Ian at Summerfield and got to the treasure at The Vancouver Quarter Kings Lynn








Three weeks and we will all know the content of TQ live (those who go anyway) So what did show number 450 of 12 have for us this morning well read on. Sophie Little was out and amongst us this morning, with her cohort Navigator Ian in tow. The lanes of Norfolk showing ever more of Autumns hues, along with the occasional cold morning. David Whiteley was in the warm studio supping on his coffee. Questmaster was just the other side of the glass, alongside Glams Dean Tucker and Amy Hutchins. They had parked for the start at Toftrees and we failed to get to the treasure at Downham Market Dads Little shop of Horrors.




Audrey 2 from Little shop of Horrors

Show number 449 today and Quest number 440 (different numbers because of the Two parters). And Sophie Little is feeling better this week, so joins Navigator Ian for a ramble aroung the old haunts of Norfolk. The Trusty Radio Car tries it's best to wheeze it's way to the finish. David Whiteley also wheezed his way to the studio and collapsed into the chair ready to do his bit. Questmaster had done all the hard work. Setting and distributing the clues, now he could relax and let Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton, do the hard work of answering the phones and garnering Facebook and twitter replies. We commenced proceedings in the lazy setting of Wramplingham and got to the treasure, at Marthams Trinity Centre.




 Blofield Reading Room


Only just under 5 weeks to TQ Live have you got your tickets yet. Some one we hope to see there, is Sophie Little. But I am afraid this week, she was a no show as she was not feeling well. But we have Super stand in on call to cover such eventualities. Anna (Big Band For short) Perrott, fresh from performing at the Gorleston Pavillion last night, fits so nicely into the shoes. So it was her today gracing the passenger seat of the radio car alongside Navigator Ian Forster. David Whiteley was chief coffee guzzler today. Questmaster was having to keep the Glam Anna Morton in check this morning as well ashelping on the phones, flitting between production and studio. We were parked in the rural spot that is Acle to start and failed to get to the treasure at North Elmham ploughing Match.






Morning one and all and welcome, to another fest of fun and frollicking, across the wilds of windy Norfolk. We join the team of Sophie Little and Navigator Ian,appearing from the mist that envelops the land. The trusty radio car is still with us to give almost seamless broadcasting. Which is more than can be said for David Whiteley  who is still fighting the desk. Questmaster sems in a relaxed mood even though he lost last week, could there be something other than his arm up his sleeve. There was he came back at us this week, with a Four clue Sunda.y Not usually our best format. Possibly the only ones to know his plans were the Glams Anna Perrot and Anna Morton.

We commenced proceedings in the rural hamlet that is Terrington St Clements and failed to get to the treasure at Hunstanton






39th Quest of 2016. First after the Autumnal Equinox (which was Thursday) so Three Quarters of the way through the year. Feel the nights drawing in now and a certain nip in the air in the evenings. Braving the elements out and about, were the usual pairing of, Sophie Little and Navigator Ian Forster. Guiding the Radio car about the lanes, roads and Byways of Norfolk. David Whiteley, Jockeying for position with the Questmaster, for Studio space. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton, were ensconsed in the production room answering your calls and juggling Facebook and Twitter.

We commenced proceedings in the backwater that is Marsham and found the treasure at Overstrand Craft Fair




After last weeks Super Sunday Subs Supplement. This week Back to Normality, Sophie has recovered (Hooray)

David Whiteley is back from where ever he went and Navigator Ian has spent the week trying to get rid of the smell of fried Herring. Questmaster was in petulant mood because of last weeks loss to him. But Glams Anna Perrott and Amy Houchin were in good spirits Bog Band for no other reason than she was allowed out last week and had a win.

We commenced proceedings Swardeston in travelled around a bit and failed to get the treasure at Seringham 40's weekend.





 Where we lost this mornings quest


It Turned into a Super Stand In's Six Clue Sunday. Sophies only gone and had an accident probably whilst moving back to Norfolk. So she was crocked and unable. But then again Big Band Anna was as always a willing Soul and stepped into the fray, with her usual Gusto. In case anything went wrong, on hand was a Guest Navigator. Newsreader Bob Carter driving the Verve . Graham Barnard was standing in and poring over the map. Questmaster had overcome the panic of losing his starlet. He had also managed to replace the Glam he lost so in the chairs this week were Anna Morton and New Glam Amy Houchin. We introduced the programme from Great Yarmouth and finished up holding the treasure in The Railway Tavern in Belton with Jessica Jane Applegates Medal cabinet.






Once again we had Sophie Little on runners duties, after her win last week, can we keep up the momentum. At least this week she had Navigator Ian back in the car. Now returned after his Summer jaunts to all parts BBC. David Whiteley was map rustling and coffee guzzling. Questmaster tried his best to be devious and Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton feilded the calls. We commenced proceedings in Scole and got to the treasure at Old Buckenham Cycling event.








Sophie was on duty this morning on a regular length quest (as there was no football) Navigator Ian was away in foreign climes with Radio Four or something so Navigator Wally stood in his driving the trusty radio car. David hadn't quite got over his disgust at Kings Lynn's traffic sytstem, but calmed down after his fifth cup of coffee. Questmaster was quietly chuckling to himself in the corner, his cunning plan was working. The glamour in the place was provided by Glam Anna Morton. We set off on our quest from Mulbarton and got to the treasure at Trowse Common.