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Well with the Autumn Solstice just passed it even feels like Autumn already.On our 40th Quest of the year, Becky's still away so we have a previous stand in this  week in the form of our own Gardening presenter, Thordis Fridriksson, with Ian in the car guiding her along. David in the studio being harassed by Paul . Manning Facebook and the phones this week are Glams AJ and Lady Harriet Howard. We started in Tittleshall and ended up at





Well the weather forecasters say this is possibly the last good weekend of the summer,its also first week of three with stand ins for Becky .So for this four clue week we have Julie Reinger along with Ian in the radio car ,David in the studio and Paul ably assisted by new Glam Lucy Margaret and Lady Hariett Howard.We started in Fundenhall and finished in Swaffham at the Brecks food and drink fair, where Julie had to run the Waiters race, but had to do so in Extra time, but we got the treasure.




On a glorious sunny Sunday, what a better way of spending the morning than with a treasure quest to keep the brain keen.After another loss last week we need this as a win. With Keith Greentree as Navigator assisting a usual crew , Paul is assisted by Glam Eleanor Morgan Cunningham . We started in Docking and should have finished in North Tuddenham but we Failed



All The crew are back together today with Navigator Ian Back from duties in foreign parts. So David and Becky take on another challenge on our behalf. Paul is assisted manning the phones, Facebook pages and Texts by Glams Ellie Cunningham and Lauren of York.We started in Overstrand and failed to get to the last clue which was at the practice for Teddy Bear Parachuting at Honing Church




Well after Yesterdays epic fail we come to a special bank holiday Monday quest. David and Becky again pit their wits against the Evil Questmaster .Ably assisted by Navigator Wally .Paul is assisted by Glam Lady Hariett Howard. From yesterdays clue zero we already know that we are starting in Barton Bendish  and we finished at Bircham  Mill bread Fair, Becky had to make bread to get the treasure.



Well Bank holiday is upon us so first day of two this extended weekend. Usual Crew supplemented by Wally Webb as Navigator this Sunday. Paul is still taking some flak over last weeks final clue and is ably assisted by Glams Lauren of York and Lady Harriet Howard.We started in Long Stratton and Failed to get to clue five at Old Catton

A fail

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow from 10 for another round





With all the Hooha of the Olympics died down until the Paralympics  we are back to the usual crew today although David and Becky are under the effects of croaks today. Paul set us a five clue Sunday aided and abetted by the Glam Lauren of York. We started at Watton and should have finished at Binham . But after a detour to Swanton Novers we Failed by seconds

Don't forget its a double header next week Sunday and Bank holiday Monday







Well Mo Farah got two Golds on two weekends at the Olympics hope it rubs off , as we have two substitutes on the field today.David Whitely stands in for David and Becky's(she is still on large screen duties)Sub is Victoria Cook (or Cookie as she generally known). Paul being his unusual self gave us only four clues today,assisted by Glam Lady Harriet. We started in Middleton. And finished at Severals Grange open gardens, the treasure was with Thordis Fridricksson who was opening the show 






Following Super Saturday at the Olympics, we wanted a Super Sunday, with two losses in a row we needed a Gold Medal this week.

Julie Reinger was back with us this week, as Becky was on her Big Screen duties, with the rest of the crew in place. With Glams Lady Harriett and Lauren of York. We started at Framingham Earl and finished in Harleston in the Bullock Fair Charity shop with a Gold Medal place and a win!


After Friday's exhilarating show from the Olympics, lets see if we can match that. We have a stand in for Becky today in the guise of Julie Reinger ,hopefully she has got the weather with her. We have the rest of then usual crew today, with Glams AJ and Lady Harriett  .We started With a sprint at Happisburgh and finished at walking pace (after losing their way at Westwick) at Bure Valley Railway .Where Julie met Husband Chris Goreham and Children  





   Well it looks like Summers arrived (at last). With Becky getting an early Birthday present last week of her ticket for Cannon & Ball (yes it was her Birthday on Friday). We are out for a win to celebrate and back to 5 clues today  ,with Keith standing in for Ian this morning and Glams Lauren of York and Lady Harriett.

We started in Burgh Castle and should have finished at the Corporation Bus Depot in Great Yarmouth But we Failed by a couple of minutes

Becky had it that low water in the radiator slowed them down



With a better forecast for the weather this morning, on an unusual four clue Sunday, we have the usual crew on the road and in the studio. With Glams AJ and Lady Harriet Howard. We started at Hargham church and finished at the Raft race at Hilgay. Where Wally Webb was doing the Commentary on the raft race.

Photo by Jackie Young




beckyinstrattonBecky was back fresh from judging the previous night's Norwich Mayors procession, with Ian in the radio car, David in the studio failing to read maps as normal.  Paul along with glams Lauren of York and Harriet Howard, or as Paul has christened her Lady Hariett Howard of Norfolk taking the calls were back to normal this Sunday for a wet Quest in July(how unusual).

We started in Gissing in the South and finished at Trunch Open Gardens and Scarecrows day the guides were on sale at the Village hall.

Possibly the longest in miles we have ever covered

Becky Got in a flap over her Chins.


With a stand in for Becky in Kirsteen Thorne, Ian was back from Norfolk Show detail, David was in the studio.  Paul,new Glam Harriet Howard and AJ were manning the phones.

We started in Great Yarmouth and finished at Heathersett Village Hall with a special Olympic torch made by the local school.

A win in this Olympic themed Quest!

BBC Listen Again and Photos


nshowNavigator Ian (with a bit of help from Paul) organised a Treasure Quest at the Royal Norfolk Show. Here are the clues and answers if you didn't get a chance to do it in person.








With a stand in for Ian who is on duty at the Norfolk show, in the guise of Wally Webb, this wet and stormy Sunday with AJ assisting Paul on the phones. On a wet five clue quest starting at Docking and finishing at Bawdeswell village fete where the treasure was with the Semitone Singers who sang a song before we could have the treasure




icecreamWith a regular crew back for this weeks challenge, we had the delectable Becky back from her travels with Ian in the car , David in the studio, The Questmaster and Lauren Tyson manning the desks where the phones were not working, hampering operations.The QM threw teddies from the pram over Becky's failure to do the task, at the ice cream makers.

We started from Hindolveston. Failed to get the treasure at Bowes farm Saham Hall, farm open day.



After a week of speculation our stand-in runner was revealed as Julie Reinger, better known as the weather girl on Look East.

With Ian in the radio car and Graham Barnard in the studio, we also had the Questmaster and Lauren Tyson taking calls.  The quest started at Swaffham and finished at the Morris Minor Meet at the visitors centre at Sandringham.

A win!

BBC Radio Norfolk Page and Gallery

jubileeA rather wet Jubilee Quest starting in Little Melton With David Whiteley , Becky and Ian With Paul and AJ manning the phones.  A win, finishing up at the Stone turning ceremony at Great Hockham.


horsesOn a beautiful sunny morning starting at Frettenham .The usual crew back together Becky and Ian in the radio car. David in the studio and Paul and The Lauren of York behind the glass on a Five Clue Sunday.Finish at the Finishing Post at Ladies Day at Fakenham Racecourse


Starting at Poringland a five clue Sunday (we have lost four in a row so no pressure) crew of Becky, Wally Webb and David this morning.  A successful Quest, finishing at Acle Bridge in a boat Treasure on a buoy at Acle Regatta where Becky ran into our very own Gary Howes who was, coincidentally, on duty at the Regatta.


A Five clue quest with guest runner Victoria Cook from 3 Counties TQ. Ian in the radio car and David in the studio. Starting at Sheringham railway station. Failed to get Clue Five or the treasure, Fourth Fail in a row


wivetonA five clue Treasure Quest with Becky and Ian in the radio car and David in the studio.  Starting in Cawston and failing to find the treasure which was in Langham after some delays finding clue 2 in Edgefield.


landroverThe usual team of David in the studio and Becky and Navigator Ian out in the Landrover, on a rip snorter of a wet and windy morning.

A five clue quest, starting at the Custom's House in King's Lynn.  Tough clues led to a failure though - only just getting to clue Five and a long way off getting the treasure.

David Clayton having a day off so David Whiteley in the studio and Becky wasn't well so Nanette Aldous stepped in, but Navigator Ian is back this week.

And a Five Clue Sunday starting in Blofield and narrowly failing to get the treasure in Guestwick.

Starting in Rackheath and ending up in Old Buckenham.  David in the studio, Becky and Graham Barnard out on the road, only a four clue morning. 

Good going this morning clue 3 solved before 11am and a success with Eleven and a half minutes to go.

A two day Easter weekend special starting in Deopham Green and ending in Heacham at the No 1 Boot Camp. On the way, Becky had to fish around in maggots, get into a dry suit at Hunstanton Lifeboat Station and climb up a church tower in North Creake.  On the plus side she also got to eat some superb chocolate at the Chocolate Deli in Little Walsingham.

Becky Betts was sadly unwell so couldn't go out and about for the first Treasure Quest of 2012. Instead, Thordis Fridriksson took her place, and began the day's Quest at Bacton, on the North Norfolk coast.

Sadly they didn't make it to the treasure in Blundeston Pound.

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Starting in Honing and ending up (or actually just missing out) on getting the treasure at the Langley School.

The 200th Treasure Quest.  Starting in Sculthorpe and successfully finding the treasure in Blakeney.

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An April Fool's Day Treasure Quest which started at Wroxham Barns and ended with the Treasure at Sustead.  

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