There were rumours that Navigator Ian had bribed Sky Sports, to move the match to Sunday Lunch, so he could have an easy morning this morning . Being his first one driving in a while, although he is away again next week. Yes folks Football takes precedence once again and the treasure had to be in our hands, by the strange time of 11:25. Sophie Little was back from another stint on That there Radio One. David Whiteley was in the chair quaffing coffee and map rustling. Quest master had tried to precis the programme down by half an hour. But still made it  Five clues . Glams Anna Perrott (sometime gardener) and Anna Morton were in attendance to the phones and Coffee machine. We started in Docking and failed to get to the treasure at St Nicholas chapel in Kings Lynn by about a minute












Numeration buffs may like to know this is show number 440 and quest number 431 yes not bad for a pilot show. Sophie fresh from her second stint, on the Huw Stephens show this week. Was our runner today, still no sign of Navigator Ian, still away doing other things, so this weeks Driver/ Navigator was Wally Webb  . David Whiteley was in the studio after this weeks bombshell, that he is leaving the Saturday show, sat quietly and rustled the maps.  No really he ran around like a loon, yelling at the top of his voice for three hours. Questmaster the man who infuriates him into this state was as usual, the calm voice of proceedings. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton, assisted with the phones and coffee duty.

We rolled away from Clippesby first thing this morning and ramped up in Little Tungate farm in North Walsham to get the treasure .







An unusual Four clue Sunday. The team was back well most of it Sophie after her week off. David Whiteley after his hols was in the studio . But Navigator Ian is still away doing other BBC ish things in other parts. So Sophie was out and about with Navigator Keith Greentree . Questmaster was flitting as and where needed. But his trusty Glam  Anna Morton was on hand to sort out the messages. We Commenced the mornings proceedings in Heacham and failed to get to where the treasure was.











Summer hols and other duties have transpired to put a spanner in the proverbial works this week. Sophie is off this week to join, Navigator Ian and DW in being missing from parade. So standin's galore, Anna Perrott does Sophies job. Keith Greentree is in for Navigator Ian and Graham Barnard does his last Sunday for DW. If you understand that lot it must have sounded better read out. Questmaster is possibly the only regular left in the building, But hang on a minute lurking behind the monitors in the production room is Glams Anna Morton and Gold shoe Sam. Proceedings started in East Dereham and we failed to get to the treasure at West Dereham village Heritage room.  










Sophie Little boat dweller extaordinaire, becomes the landlubber again, then gets back on the water momentarily, to go chasing paper clues across the Norfolk countryside. Navigator Wally Webb is up early on his day off to take charge of the rusty steed that is the Radio Car. David Whiteley is away also doing other things. Which last week included The Stars of Norfolk Awards. So Graham Barnard keeps his seat warm again this week. Questmaster drags himself away from the script for TQ live, long enough to jot down and send out some clues. Sits back twiddles some faders and lets Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton get on with the show. We started proceedings in Burgh Castle and got to the treasure at Brundall lions club Fun Day.








Missed a milestone celebration . My 4 and a half years of doing this Sunday morning Blog was last Sunday. 234 times with only one missed deadline on the day and that was David Claytons leaving do.

Sophie Little was running again this morning alongside Ex Glam now Driver Edd Smith. Trying to make up for last weeks near miss at Kings Lynn. Graham Barnard was studio anchor and chief map rustler. Questmaster was ruling the roost in the production office lauding it over Glams  Anna Morton and Gold Shoe Sam. We started in Hingham . And failed to get to the treasure at the Bishops Gardens Norwich






Tickets have arrived for November. Got yours yet ,if not, Why not. Come along and see this lot make an absolute fool of themselves.

Bit like Sunday mornings really. But I digress we have a TQ to crack and Sophie Little ran the course that is somewhere in Norfolk alongside Navigator Wally Webb back for a fill in for holidays . Mr DW ranted and raved at the equipment think it would make things go better. Questmaster was his usual laid back self and Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton assisted his quest to rule We started festivities in Horningtoft and got to the treasure at Lynnsport Autism Awareness six a side tournament .







TQ Live tickets are now on sale, either at their box office or online.  12th November 3:30 or 7:30

There may not be much of it around, but we have our own litle ray of Sunshine in Sophie Little. Running around the lanes of Norfolk this morning, alongside Navigator Ian in the radio car. David Whiteley ws in the chair for todays foray into the depths of the Questmasters mind. Said Questmaster had no time to have his feet up watching the world go by out of the office window as there was only Glam Anna Morton to feild the calls. We started proceedings in Cringleford and got to the treasure at Cromer Ambulance station open day.






Halfway point of the year. and a momentous week with the culmination of the referendum this week. All thoughts of Remain or Leave behind us as we have a quest number 26 of the year. And Sophie Little is back in the repaired radio car after last weeks fiasco in comms. Navigator Ian coaxed his baby around the lanes of Norfolk. David W was in the chair as is becoming his home. Questmasterwas as usual composed in his glass walled offfice looking onto the Forum. Alongside him were Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in and we failed to get to the treasure at Horsham St Faiths.





Fathers day is amongst us once again, which can only mean that, we are almost half way through the year. It looks like we have already had our summer, but our own ray of sunshine Sophie Little was, out and about with Navigator Ian in the Chuckle bus, that is the radio car. The Captain of the Death Star. We dont know whether to call him Darth or David, yes Mr Whitely was in the studio, sedately sipping coffee and reading the maps. Questmaster was in his glass den, clues poised in the countryside and Glams Gold shoe Sam and Dean by his side. We started in Tasburgh and the show was declared a draw as there was a bad accident at the treasure site  . 




Busy weekend this one, Queens Birthday celebrations. Euro 2016 gets underway and Treasure Quest, takes to the airwaves yet again. Yes Sophie took up the mantle that is the sometimes working microphone, from the Radio car which Navigator Ian, had fettled and fussed into life. David Whiteley was in the presenters chair, which he is starting to mould into his own. Map rustling classes starting this week. Questmaster had his clues hidden and his Glams,   Anna Morton and Gold shoe Sam, ready to pounce on the phone calls and messages. We  started in Coston and failed to get to the treasure at Sporle.











At last it seems that Summer has arrived? But if not, our own little ray of sunshine, was with us this morning. Yes our own daytime star , who also comes out at night. Sophie Little back in the passenger seat next to Navigator Ian. The trusty Peugeot is still in running order. David Whiteley whether or not, He's in running order, we had to wait to find out. questmaster had all of his running done and dusted as the clues were in place. Producing this and other things just got in his way of having a quiet weekend. But the whole production office was lifted by the Glams, Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in Castle Rising and got to the treasure at Beachamwell old rectory. 









Second week of David Whiteleys spell as Presenter of TQ. After a very squeeky win last week can wedo it this week with Sophie in the runners shoes. She was out with Navigator Ian in the rusty Radio Car. Questmaster set the clues and produced the programme whilst juggling doing the solved part of the clue. Glams  Anna Morton and Gold shoe Sam did their bit by answering and feilding the calls. We started in Wighton and got to the treasure at Eaton Vale Activity Centre, Cubs centenary celebrations.






The dawn of a new era? Well that is how it was hyped by the powers that be from BBC Norfolk Tower

Being a hard act to follow we now have a new David in the presenters chair. David Whiteley is now in charge of Maps and directions.

Sophie started the show in Brighton, so Kirsteen was runner this morning

Hopefully Questmaster can sit back and relax after the upheaval of the past few weeks

Clues written and holders were briefed. Glams were in attendance and they were Anna Perrott and Anna Morton.

We started our travails in Brisley and got to the treasure at Ludham garage sale.





In part one we got to the gathering of the clans, around the steps of the forum.


The clans just kept getting better.

Alexajane Wills Bradfield appeared along with her trusty video camera


The Girls found out where they could spend their appearance fee





The three past runners positioned themselves in the car



Kirsteen with the comediennes dead pan expression, whilst the others fall about.



Soon the Girls were joined by current runner Sophie



As news arrived that David was on his way to collect the treasure but time was getting very short



 View A GIF of this

 David got to and touched the car with four seconds to spare. Not bad for a Ten clue morning



Davids Treasure was a Frank Gillard award in Bronze these are awarded to retiring (not that he's ever been that)

presenters and are a radio equivalent of an Oscar.




This has just been a small flavour of the morning  if you would like to see all of the photo's of the morning


They are on my Dropbox for a while. I will warn you there are 169 of them




Hope you have enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed taking them


It really was a wonderfully magical morning for him

As you may remember on the last day of Davids tenure at BBC Radio Norfolk . Questmaster Manhandled David out of the door on a trip of De ja vous. Which had him out with Navigator Ian Forster doing the rounds of landmarks in his career.


Here's a few of the photo's taken during Davids trip to the inside and

outside of the Forum that momentus morning in April 2016


 dsc 0453



A few of the faithful had clubbed together under the auspices of Don Grunbaum, to purchase and frame the cartoon.

David had been in touch with Tony Hall and was told in no uncertain terms that the piece had been sold





A few of the donaters, Ian and David admiring the cartoon(Image © Chris Betts)




dc pathos



David was also presented with the above which made him laugh.


Then too soon David collected his coat and was off with Ian into the wilds of Norwich.


But we stayed and soon noticed that things were unfolding for a grand finale that not even we had guessed. It started with the arrival of a rather special open top Rolls Royce which parked at the bottom of the steps




You may even notice some well known faces had started to appear





What happened next? Part 2 to follow Click for Pt2


All photographs unless annotated © Nigel Dowe 2016



Good job David Claytons leaving party was on Friday. No thick heads this morning. In fact the crew were in fine fettle for a jaunt around the countryside. Sophie was void of Champers and only the sweet supply in the glove box for company, other than Navigator Ian. Graham Barnard was resident in the studio chair once again. Questmaster was in fine fettle and sober (as he doesn't drink). Not so sure about the glams though Anna Perrott and Gold Shoe Sam may still have been working off the excess. We started the proceedings in Roughton. And got to the location of Clue Four in Great Yarmouth at the Lydia Eva on Hall Quay.








Two weeks until the new regime starts and Graham Barnard has two weeks in the presenters chair. Sophie fresh from her stint in the chair and on late night Radio One, in that there London. Was running alongside Navigator Ian in their rusty, soon to be replaced Radio car. Questmaster had the clues placed and could sit back, relax from the producers chair. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton were on hand to answer the calls. We started in Brettenham and failed to get to the treasure only getting to clue four.







Was that really just a week ago. seems to have flown by. David will have his feet up this Sunday but the quests must go on

Still no news on the regular anchor for the programme. But Questmaster said at the beginning that the treasure would reveal the name of said anchor person. So this week a swap round and after her success in the second half last week. Sophie takes on the studio role. Big band Anna Perrott is our runner, alongside Navigator Ian in the radio car. Questmaster took it slightly easy after last weeks running around on his Ten clues. Glams this week were Anna Morton and Gold shoe Sam. We started in Nordelph and we failed to get to the treasure at Honingham.









Penultimate Treasure Quest for long time presenter David Clayton.

Sophie was again our front runner for todays antics roaming around a sunny but coldish Norfolk countryside. Navigator Ian was in the driving seat, still in the aged chariot of fire, wire and Baler twine that is the radio car. David was studio bound with his maps and constant coffee.

Questmaster had that air of defeat about him. But Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton with her possibly new name Earl Grey Anna (after her love for the tea)  were on hand to asssist and commiserate with him. We started in Litcham and we failed to get to the treasure at Ditchingham Hall








David Claytons last Treasure Quest as presenter


It is with heavy heart and lots and lots of pathos and sadness, that today we say goodbye, to possibly radio's best anchorman ever. ( I don't know where he's from but its a coincidence that it would be on David Claytons last day).

But seriously folks we did send off with a big bang the man who has held our show together in fine style. Sophie was out and about with navigator Ian. The rusty old Wreck (but that's just David for you) .The radio car was with them as usual. David held it altogether. Questmaster had all the clues put together and distibuted to all corners. Glams were in attendance and they were old stalwarts Anna Perrott and Anna Morton, and Hannah Lockier was doing the travel from that there London. We started this special quest in Gorleston at the Ocean rooms and got to the treasure at a wonderful reunion of all the runners past and present at the front of the forum.




After his extended lie down in the darkened room. David Clayton returns in the first of his final farewell tour. Only here for three weeks. He then "goes off to do other things" (whatever that maybe)? Sophie of the new Plum Hairdo was escorted by Navigator Ian for the morning once again. Questmaster just sat in a corner and growled, after last weeks slim win. Glams Gold shoe Sam and Fantastic Max assisted his try to rule the world. We started in Houghton st Giles and got to the treasure in Whitwell and Reepham railway 40's Weekend.








After a lie down in a darkened room to recover. We are back for another affray with the Questmasters faintly strange mind. And after last weeks 12 clues we were ready for anything thrown at us. Well nearly all of us but more of that later. Sophie was back to face something a little more sedate she hoped, Navigator Ian was nursing the frail old nag that is the Radio car. Now David went for his dark room lie in and liked it so much, he cried off todays show. So we welcomed an old favourite (not as old as David though) Kirsteen Thorne was keeping the seat warm and trusting her map skills. Questmaster still had a wide grin on his face, from some of last weeks clues and he was assisted by  Glams, Gold Shoe Sam and Anna Morton. The hunt started in Pulham Market. And we got to the treasure, at the Threshold theatre company at Douro Chapel in Norwich.





What did we let ourselves in to. Easter was upon us and the Questmaster at his most evil had a two parter ready and set. We had Sophie on best fettle out with navigator Ian. Two days means twelve clues, with a newspaper quotes feindish overnight clue to contend with. David Clayton tried to keep up with the flow. Questmaster just sat with a smug grin on his face and let Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton feild the calls. We started day one at Ongar Hill. Overnighted at Swaffham Raceway and got to the treasure at baseline Activity Sports Extreme in Horsford









One week to go to the big Easter two parter. Are you ready? Time to get your brains in gear. What better way than with a trial run today. Sophie was there with Navigator Ian helming the Radio car and cursing tractors. David was in the studio with Maps and coffee in hand. Questmaster was ebulliant after his last weeks victory. He was assisted by Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in Baconsthorpe. And got to the treasure at a Wedding Fayre in Old Catton.






This was the week when David Clayton retired as Managing Editor of BBC Radio Norfolk. And only Six more Quests including today with him at the microphone. Sophie was runner today alongside Navigator Ian at helm of the Radio Car. Questmaster controlled the rabble that is the Glam and kept watch on proceedings. The errant Glam was Anna Morton. We started in Kimberley. And we failed to get to Clue Four.




Beware the Ides of March. More like beware of the march of the Questmasters ideas. Sophie Little will be beefing up her agility this morning, in preparation for the marathon in 3 weeks time. Navigator Ian and the crew have been testing special kit, for the new Sattelite van to get less delay in the broadcast. But today we had to trust the Radio Car to get us about. DC was in the studio, after last weeks bombshell that he is leaving us in April. Who will they get to replace the fossil? Will they have to get non rustle maps? Will there be honey for tea? Anyway the Questmaster who is almost a constant had the clues placed. And was assisted in his quest for world dominance,well maybe Norfolk, by Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in Yelverton and got to the treasure, in Wroxham at the Orchid growers show. 






Leap year day tomorrow, wonder if there will be any surprise proposals? We had a proposal this morning, can we get a win after a fail last week. Tryin her hardest an this last February Sunday, was Sophie Little out running alongside Navigator Ian. Again the radio car was given another outing before it's retirement. David Clayton who is older than the radio car but not in as good a nick, was in the studio, maps and coffee in hand. Questmaster had the clues set and kept the rabble in the production room under control, they being Glams, Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We began in Lessingham and got to the treasure at Mulbarton Country Music Day.





Announcement has been made. This year there will be a two part Easter Quest, so five weeks time, be prepared with your extra brainpower, to defeat the Questmaster over two mornings.


This morning though we had the usual 2 hours and 40 minutes, to solve 5 clues to get to the treasure. Sohie was in fine fettle and assisted by Navigator Ian, ran (well loped) around the byways of Norfolk. David was ensconsed in the warmth once again sipping BBC coffee and shuffling maps. All the while trying to sound hard done by. Questmaster hardened the clues once again, to try and get the advantage. Whist Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton fielded the calls. We started in East Beckham and failed to get to the treasure at North Beach Heacham



Valentines day is upon us and love was in the air. That was not the only thing in the air, as there was a distinct chill, pervading Norfolk this morning. Sophie and Navigator Ian were well wrapped against the chill and still had the rusty Radio Car as companion. David was ensconced in the warm studio.Questmaster controlled the rabble in the production room which consisted of Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started the travails in Bradwell. And got to the treasure at Spixworth Church Heritage Exhibition.






Well that three weeks went quickly. Sophie is back, from her travails through the trails of Vietnam. Stories of derring do abounded, as she travelled smaller distances across Norfolk, alongside Navigator Ian. David Who would struggle with a map of The Forum assisted with directions and drove the desk. Questmaster ruled the roost of the production office. Glam Lady Harriett Howard returned and feilded the calls. We started in Narborough and failed to get to the treasure at Brinton Hall Snowdrop walk.






Rather overshadowed show this week, with the 9am announcement of the death of the great sir Terry Wogan. The quest almost took a back seat, but they went ahead. And this was the result.

Double substitution this week. Cover for Sophies sojurn to Vietnam was covered by The Thunderfairy, Thordis Friedriksson. Running around the countryside, alongside Navigator Ian. Whilst in the production office Chairs got shuffled for the morning, as Big Band Anna Perrott became The Questmistress for the morning, whilst Paul had a break. Anna was assisted by Glam Anna Morton. David was in the studio as normal map shuffling and faffing for Britain. We started in Framimgham Earl and got to the treasure at The Panto at Watton.




Another Milestone came to be this morning. For those readers of this blog. this is my 200th effort at reporting, the whys and wherefores of Sunday mornings. And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have Jo Thewlis as our guest stand in. This morning she was running alongside Navigator Ian. David was manning the studio. And Questmaster had set and placed the clues, he was assisted by Glams Anna Morton and Gold Shoe Sam. We started in North Pickenham and failed to get to the treasure at the indoor bootsale at Cromer. So we couln't get to 12 in a row. We now have to start the process again.






401 doesn't have the ring of last weeks milestone. But another milestone could be earnt today as, Big Band Anna Perrott tried for eleven wins in a row. She took her shot at the record with Navigator Ian still in the radio car. David Clayton kept the presenters chair warm. Questmaster had the clues planted was he devious keep on reading to find out. He was assisted by promoted head Glam Anna Morton and Gold Shoe Sam. We started in Barmer and got to the treasure at wereham village sign.







A very large milestone is reached today 400 quests today. The crew were back together today Sophie and Navigator Ian out in the T Rusty Radio car. David was back from the wilds of North Yorkshire and was chair bound. Questmaster was trying to stop a 10th win in a row. He was ably assisted by Glams Big Band Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in Great Melton. And got to the treasure in East Tuddenham at The Friends of the Norfolk Dialect's Panto. That was a record ten wins in a row.










Well the start of a new year and the first one of 2016 sees changes for the day. Sophie Little and Navigator Ian are out on the road. But the studio sees an old face in the hot seat as our old runner, Kirsteen Thorne takes over the desk and the maps for the day. She is battling The Questmaster, back and refreshed from his Christmas break. he was assisted by Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in Daffy Green and got to the treasure at Forncett St Peters





Well another year draws to a close. This being the last Quest of the year. The Questmaster has done bunk, so he was looking for a Stand in. He didn't have to look far as she was sitting across the production desk. Yes todays Questmistress is none other than Number One Glam Anna Perrott. And it's all her own work. Sophie was out on the road hunting her clues and Ian Forster was navigator. David was full of Christmas cheer. Anna was assisted by Glam Dean. We started in The Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth. And got to the treasure at the studio at the Forum.






Last one before Christmas and it's almost like

Autumn. Number 51 of 52 for this year and next week is    Anna Perrott's turn at Questmistress and all her own work. Sophies out there hunting the clues and trying to make it another win. She was joined again by Navigator Ian in     festive mood and the Radio car bedecked. David Clayton ran the desk and tried his best to read the folds in the maps. Questmaster was looking forward to his festive break and    was assisted by Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. We started in Foulsham and got to the treasure at Burnham Market



I would like to take this opportunity to say a Happy Christmas to all of the readers of this blog and see you after the festivities




Second week of December and we are winning 5 to 3 at the moment Can Sophie make the odds better. In the run up to Christmas Navigator Ian Is playing the little elf to Sophies Cinderella. David is playing Buttons and Questmaster must be Grumpy from Snow White. He was helped along by The cast of Frozens Glams Big Band Anna Perrott and Sam. We started in Buxton and got to the treasure in Mundesley at the Christmas market.









Quest 49 of the year and we are at 60% win rate, for the year so far. Can we increase our percentage, well hoping to help that along was Sophie, todays runner alongside Navigator Ian. In the rusty old Radio Car. David clayton was desk driving ang map rustling. Questmaster was very down with all the wins we have had recently He was joined by number one Glam  Anna Morton. We started in West Lynn and got to the treasure at








Sophie Little returned this week after her sabbatical last week. She was in the radio car alonside Navigator Ian. David Clayton was chair bound driving the desk and shuffling the maps .Questmaster was looking forward to next month and some time off Would his clues today be more than feindish. Helping him out today were,  Anna Morton and Sam. We started in Lynford and got to the treasure at Watton at their Christmas Lights Switch on event.





hana  Well I make this the longest running pilot on local radio. Yes today sees  the 400th show of TQ (that's including the two parters as seperate shows). And to celebrate we have a Glam running for the clues, not just any Glam. but top Glam Anna Perrott. She was alongside Navigator Ian and hoping to keep her 100% record. David was desk bound again, fighting the desk and the maps. Questmaster was seething. at losing by a hefty margin last week. Trying to console him were Glams Hanna Lockier (on her last show) and  Anna Morton. We started in Clippesby     and got to the treasure at St Catherines church mile Cross






A week after TQ Live and everybody is rested and raring to go. So on Programme number 399 Sophie Little treads the boards again. Alongside her was Navigator Ian out and about in the radio car. David Clayton had got his voice back to normal. Questmaster was more devious after his loss from last week, he was assisted by Glams Anna Perrott and Hana Lockier. We started in Aylsham and got to the treasure at Cromer Social club's charity day.


































After the antics of Treasure Quest Live last night, most of the crew are very jaded. Although Sophie Little made it up early enough, to be out on the road in the sattelite van (complete with ...........delay) and Navigator Keith Greentree.

David was trying to stop laughing at his own jokes from last night. Questmaster was nonplussed at Scarrowbeck the novel. Glams Hannah Lockier and the Boy Jay were bright and breezy and answering the calls. We started in somewhere starting with B (that was all they would give us last night) Turned out to be Bowthorpe and got to the treasure at, Muspole street Workshop, where Sophie had to throw a pot.




Only six days to go until TQ live, are we all ready for some fun and frolics, with the cast and crew of TQ. Meanwhile a quest was going on today and Sophie was in the runners shoes as usual. Navigator Ian guided the rusty radio car around the lanes. David was rehearsing his lines for next week although he will have forgotten them by then. Questmaster was in a huff as we were winning too many and his score was not looking good. To take his mind off things Glams Anna Perrott and Hana Lockier assisted. We started in Wendling and got to the treasure in .







Last quest for October And two weeks until TQ Live So if you haven't got your tickets yet get phoning.   Sophie was out again with Navigator Ian and again in the now ancient radio car. David was driving the studio desk. Questmaster was getting frustrated being on the losing side. He was assisted by Glams, Anna Morton and Dashing Dean. We started in Fakenham and got to the treasure in West Dereham at a Hog Roast


Bridget Riley White Discs




Only ten more quests left for the year can we make them all wins. Sophie was aboard the radio car once again, for a frantic trundle around the highways and byways of Norfolk. Navigator Ian tries not to go wrong again whilst guiding and nuturing their steed. David was obsfucating his way through the clues, suggestions and the map reading. Questmaster was smiling broadly having almost finished his tome of Scarrowbeck. He was ably assisted by Glams Anna Perrott and Hana Lockier. We started in Ormesby St Michael and got to the treasure in Ber Street at the Green Rooms Hairdressers





Sophie seems to be getting into her stride as the lone runner. Building up her win rate Lets hope for another today.On an unusual four clue Sunday. She was alongside navigator Ian again in the Radio Car. David was fumbling along in the studio. Questmaster fresh from Scarrowbeck authoring had set the feindish clues. He was aided and abbeted by Glam Hana Lockier. We began the quest in South Acre and failed to reach the treasure at Hethel Bomb squad open day







With only five weeks until the gag fest that is Treasure Quest Live. Have you got your ticket yet. if not why not?

Sophie was out on the road again with Navigator Ian. In the new Sattelite Car, will the new technology work for TQ. David was trying to keep up his superpowers, in solving the clues before anyone else. Questmaster was less than euphoric in his loss last week. He was assisted by Glams Anna Perrott and Hana Lockier. We started in Colney and got to the treasure, at Swardeston Edith Cavell Flower festival.





In the week that the sad news of, Kirsteen leaving the bi-weekly runners slot.

Sophie Little who has taken over the role full time, has the

microphone in hand, to take on number one in her series of

challenges. Navigator? Ian is in the driving seat this week. David

drives the desk. with much muttering and rustling of maps.

Questmaster is elated from a win by default last week. He was

ably assisted by Glams Hana Lockier and Anna Morton. We

started in South Pickenham and got to the treasure at Kings Lynn on the Spitfire Trail





Winning seems to be coming a trend. and after a win on her last outing Sophie Little tried again this morning. She was alongside navigator Ian Forster back from his travails. David was in the studio, trying his hardest to read the QM's mind, to no avail. Said Questmaster was infuriated by the amount of wins, would the clues be harder this week, read on. Todays Glamorous Assistants or Glams for short were Anna Perrott and Dashing Dean. We started in Intwood and failed to get to the treasure at Barton Bendish.







Programme number 390, wonder if it's still a trial run? Anyway todays honour of being out and about in beautiful Norfolk roads and lanes goes to Kirsteen Thorne. She was alongside Navigator Keith Greentree, in the soon to be defunct radio car. David Clayton was twiddling and map folding.The Questmaster is still fuming from last weeks close call. he was assisted by Glams Anna Perrott-Thompson and Dashing Dean. We started in Hopton-on-sea and got to the treasure at St Johns Catholic church tower.