A game of Swopsies today Big Band or Pilot Perrott today becomes Pursuer Perrott as David Whiteley is away. Driver Debs is in the hot seat. Sophie Little swaps roles also, she is Studio sitting today Rustling the maps and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Questmaster was in his usual role and had all the clues done and dusted. He was assisted in his role by Glam Anna Morton . We commenced proceedings in Fakenham and got to Clue Four at Marham







Cup final Weekend and they got a winner. Can we get a win to get the elusive treasure for win number 300. With Sophie still away at the big weekend, the onus is upon this weeks guest runner, the girl who know how to do it all, Pilot Perrott was in the hot seat. Driver Debs was alongside her in the Navigators role. David Whiteley was at the studio end pushing buttons and dragging faders. Questmaster had the clues and the elusive treasure posted out. Assisted on the phones and coffee machine by Glam Hannah Armstrong. Commencement of proceedings was in Aylsham and we got to the treasure at Dersingham Open Gardens








21 Today! 21 Today Yes 21st Quest on the 21st of the month Show number 480 and can we get the 300th win to give us a 5:3 ratio. Sadly sophie wont be the winner of that prestigious trophy, as she is working with that there Radio One on their Big Weekend in Hull. So todays mantle falls on. Our very own fair weather freind. The one and only wonderful weather woman Julie Rienger. And she brought her own sunny disposition and cheery way with her. Driver Graham Barnard was in the navigators seat. David Whiteley was reunited with his Look East chum and sat motionless in the studio. Questmaster had the clues and that special treasure in place. Glams  Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong stood by the Phones and coffee machine ready to do battle with both. We commenced proceedings outside the Forum in Norwich. And failed to get to the treasure in       South Walsham at the Garage Sale

 Acle Bridge inn







Midway though May and the gang is all together this morning filming, birthdays all out of the way. Saw Sophie on duty again alongside Driver Debs. The getting ever better Verv was on call once again, now that the football season is over for the summer, no need to rush back to Norwich. David Whiteley was back to studio duty filling the presenters chair. Qestmaster was on duty also having compiled, enveloped and posted the clues His duties became lighter. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton hovered over the phones (and no doubt the coffeee machine). The crew were motionless in Great Yarmouth to start todays high jinks and motored through the county and failed to get to Norfolk Broads Yacht Club in Wroxham, by about a minute to collect the treasure.




 Ludham Methodist Church