We have a milestone being achieved this morning Anna (Big Band(Pilot)) Perrott was today the first person to take on all roles within TQ. Yes she has been Phone answerer, producer. clue setter, runner, driver and today her big break through, she is Studio presenter. Yes David Whiteley is having a family get together for his Big 40 birthday today. Sophie Little was runner today alongside Navigator Ed. The Questmaster was his usual self, aided and abbeted by Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong. On our truncated four clue Quest, because of the Championship football. The Verv was abandoned in Walpole Highway, about as far west as we can get to start and it got around Norfolk to end up with the treasure at Smooth Jazz at Watlington.





One third the way through the months. One more third and it will be my last Blog on here. Yes 4 months time I finish on 27th August.

But in the mean time we have quests to report on.

Sophie and the team were all back together this week. She was out and about on Norfolks congested roads with Driver Debs. David Whiteley was back from his international travails and coffee played a big part in keeping the jet lag at bay. Questmaster was his usual ebuliant self and had all the clues in place. Glams in attendance were Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong. The Verv was parked in Necton for the start and trundled sometimes at very slow speeds and failed to get to Clue four  










With the furore that was the two parter out of the way, we were back to normal today. Athough we were not. Big  switch around today, as Earl Grey Anna Morton took on the reins, of the clue hunters role. Alongside her usual studio cohort Big Band or Pilot Perrot Yes  Anna Perrott was navigator. But where was Sophie Little? Don't despair it was she who took on the studio chair today. Yes twiddling the faders and reading the maps (please help us). Questmaster was the only standard on the day as he was in his normal role. He was assisted by Hannah Armstrong on the phones. The Glam crew Commenced at North Elmham and had the treasure in their hands before closing time at Cromer Pier 60's Weekend.







It's that time of year again. The Questmaster has girded his loins and produced his many facetted, Two Part Special for the Easter weekend. The usual twisted overnight clue was there again. The Quest also involved Sophie in tasks and trials she should be used to after last years antics. Yes Sophie Little was our Easter Bunny today racing around the countryside and towns trying to extract the clues from their holders with as little effort as possible. Navigation was courtesy of Driver Debs. David Whiteley was otherwise engaged for the weekend. So a worthy standin, in the everpresent Graham Barnard, took on the mantle. Questmaster relaxed after all of his hard work to get the clues done and dusted. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton were on duty. We commenced this leviathon of trickery at Burston in the south of the county. We overnighted at the Forum in Norwich and wound up 27 hours later at to earn the treasure at Barton House miniature railway in Wroxham