Second week of the second quarter of the year and a good weather weekend. Dont Forget Next week is the Easter Two Part Quest. Yes folks Make yourselves available for two morning next week, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. Where we should be in for a whole load of fun and games for Sophie.

 Talking of Sophie. Today was just another Sunday alongside Pilot Perrott. David Whiteley was in the chair trying to keep the show together (how will he fair on a two parter). Will the coffee be enough. Questmaster had the show sorted and could sit back and chuckle manically to himself. Aides to QM were Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong now christened Highbrow Hannah due to her Tri lingual ability. They were resting at Syderstone for the start of the show and we failed to get to the treasure at London road Kings Lynn .





April is upon us and spring has truly sprung. All we needed to know was what surprises Questmaster had for us today. Sophie little was no surprise but the return of Driver Debs was. David Whiteley was in the studio looking forward to the sea warming for his spot of surfing. But the only thing he was surfing today was the maps. Questmaster quietly seethed at losing last week to Sopheie and Anna. His clues were in place and he was ready to go. He was ably assisted by Last weeks Pilot Anna Perrott and Hanna Armstrong. The Verv was parked at Hockering to begin and steadily wended its way to Cantley where we got the treasure.




Mothering Sunday Quest so will the contributers be diminished. We hoped not as another fail would be catastrophic. Sophie Little was out and about this morning with Pilot Perrott at the helm of the Verv. Yes our all rounder was out of the office once again. David Whiteley was in the chair again this morning. Questmaster clues set was feindishly giggling in the production office. Glam today was Anna Morton. The proceedings commenced in Scole and we got to the treasure at Sophies dads pub the Alexadra Tavern where both Sophie and Annas Mums were.





Two weeks, Two Fails can Driver Debs get us a win this week. Sophie Little was runner today, She was alongside said Driver Debs. David Whiteley was deskbound having wrapped up another series of inside out. He was coffied up and raring to go. Questmaster had his devious clues sent to the holders and had able assistance from Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton. The proceedings started at Tattersett and the treasure was just too far .