The winning streak has to start all over again. Despite having Driver Debs and some local knowledge we had a slight fail . This week though Sophie Little has Pilot Perrott to save the day. Yes Big Band Anna has the controls of something bigger than the producers desk. David Whiteley was buzzing already feeling better than the last few weeks. Questmaster had all of his clues in place and was assisted by Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong . We divulged the start as St Olaves and raced but failed to get to the finish at Aylsham High School.








In my best Shakesperian voice Beware the Ides of March, more like beware of the Questmasters clues. Fighting the clues and the elements this morning was Sophie Little with the assistance of Navigator Debbie Bishop. David Whiteley was back in the studio after last weeks forced abscence, the coffe had flowed and he was on top form. The clues were all in place by the Questmasters fair hand. Glams Anna Morton and Hannah Armstrong were on phone duty. We embarked on todays quest in Potter Heigham and failed to get to the treasure at Home Finders at Hainford








The week when Doris made headlines our Headliner returned from her time off. Yes Sophie Little was back as runner this week. Helping her out this week was Navigator Wally Webb. Shortened Show this week due to the local football derby. Still five clues today for Graham Barnard to fret over. David Whiteley Had phoned in sick and not even the coffee could kick start him. Questmaster had the logistics all prepared and Glam Anna Perrott manned the phones. Our starting place was Wells Next the sea and we got to the treasure at Carrow Road.






With Sophie away on a planned break this week. We welcomed back a favourite from a while back, everyones favourite local weather girl, taking a break from parenthood for the morning. Julie reinger was our runner this morning trying out the new technology with navigator Ian in the Verv. David Whiteley was on Studio duty having had his coffee fill for the morning. Questmaster was sounding in better health and Glam Anna Perrott manned the phones. We started in Norwich at the Forum and got to the treasure at Strumpshaw Rectory.