Second week in February and we woke to a winter scene. We also woke to the news that Sophie was not well and could not continue her winning run. So into the runners shoes jumped Anna (Earl Grey) Morton, for her second stint finding clues, alongside Navigator Ian. David Whiteley was in fine fettle and all buzzed up on caffiene. Questmaster seemed to be suffering with a cold of some sort. Holding the fort on the Glam duty was newbie Hannah Armstrong.

We commenced proceedings in Holt and got to the treasure at Spixworth in A new record time of 11:17







Second month and we come into it on the back of a win. Only two wins out of five so far. Can Sophie get us another today. She was out and about with navigator Ian again in the new radio car. David Whiteley was again on studio duties. Questmaster had a week off so Questmistress Anna Perrott had the clues dispatched. Glams in attendance were Anna Morton and Hanna Armstrong. The team were parked at Dereham to start and we got to the treasure in Keswick Hall .





South Pickenham Church



Five weeks into the new year, a bit like our 2 hours and 40 minutes on a Sunday, where does the time go. Trying to fit a win into that time this week, Sophie and Navigator Ian out in the new Verv trundling the highways and byways of Norfolk. David Whiteley was on presenter duty had his fil of coffee before the start. Questmaster now had a slightly richtus grin on his face with three fails in a row under his belt. Glam in attendance was Anna Morton. The van was parked up in Downham Market to start and got to the treasure at Fakenham Town Sign






To paraphrase the old song " One out of three ain't good " So we settled into our fourth Quest of the new year in debt to the Questmaster. Sophie Little upon who's shoulders the problem lay as runner to help us get back to honours even. Was the out and about half of the team with Navigator Ian in the new Verve Digital Sattelite wagon (we will se how the new technology installed works with TQ). David Whiteley was ensconced in the presenters chair once more. Questmaster wore a slightly more cheesy grin after two wins under his belt. Glams in attendance were Anna perrott and Anna Morton. We found our start location at Thetford and failed to get to the treasure in Seething scrapyard wher they had to say goodbye to the old radio car.