Well the news came this week that I get a day off on Christmas day as the questmaster has deemed it a TQ holiday.

Yes folks no quest so I get a lie in on a Sunday for the first time in over five years.

Todays quest is number 50 of the year and Sophies 44th effort on the road (although she only did half on DC's last day). She was around the highways and byways of the county alongside Navigator Ian in the trusty Radio Car. David Whiteley, was pumped on arabica to the point of bursting was driving the desk. Questmaster and his new trailer for the show well under way (we'll hear it in the new year) had his work done with the clues. Glam in attendance was  next weeks runner Anna Morton. We commenced the mornings antics in West Lynn. And got to the treasure at Marham Christmas Cracker Event




Can we keep the run going? With seven wins in the last ten, and five in a row. could we be on a sequence that will challenge the eleven in a row? The gang were all together again for this romp around the counties. Could be in Suffolk again this week. Sophie Little and Navigator Ian were on duty and the radio car got it's weekly outing. David Whiteley was on top form and the warmth of the studio, other than a windswept location filming. Questmaster was enthusing about his new idea, for a new trailer for TQ out sometime in the new year. Had all the clues primed and ready. Glams Were in the singular was in fine form on the phones  Anna Morton was the chairs incumbent this morning. We proceeded on our quest from Aylsham and got to the treasure in Happisburgh craft fair .


Last Sunday in November only four or maybe three quests (all according what the schedule for Christmas day holds)

Anyway back to the day at hand and the lovely Sophie, rushed back from BBC World Services, to be here again today. With another feather in her BBC hat and a spring in her step she handled todays clues with the help of the radio car and Navigator Ian Forster. David Whiteley also fresh from presenting duties at Hopton this week was all coffied up and raring to go. Questmaster still beaming, from his New Statesman fame, had the clues all worked and placed, to try and defeat the hordes . Glam Anna Perrott was on hand to feild the calls, thrown at her at a frantic pace. We commenced this week in Belton and got to the treasure at Tivetshall St Margaret festive fayre. That's Five in a Row.





After her trials and tribulations in the mud of Glastonbury. Sophie rejoins the team this weeek searching out the clue along the leafy un signposted lanes of Glorious Norfolk. Alongside her in the almost defunct Radio Car was Navigator Ian, struggling to keep the old technology working. For those who haven't heard they took delivery on Thursday of the new all singing all dancing digital Radio Van. David was keeping quiet as I don't think he understands the techology. one person well up on the tech was the Questmaster question setter extaordinnaire, he ws assisted in his ploy to win again by Glams Anna Perrott and Hana Lockier. We started in and got to the treasure in.