Only Four More of the blogs before the end of my Era, yes reporting on TQ on this page ends on the 27th of                                                                                 next month



Three losses in a row, Sophies on minus figures of wins to losses. Could we do better this                                                           week read on.


The aforementioned Sophie was with us this week alongside the ever trusty Pilot Perrott. In the trusty new radio car, or Viv as she has bocome known. David Whiteley manned the presenters desk and the ripped map. Questmaster dutiful as ever on his task of getting the clues out, was controlling Glam Anna Morton. We started the expedition around Norfolk in Dussindale and failed to get to the treasure at Mettingham











With only four wins in the last ten. Our record is not looking too good, Sophies win record for the year is almost level with the lost ones. Either the Questmaster is becoming more devious, or the summer time exodus on holiday is doing for us. Sophie was back with us this week running alongside Driver Debs in the Verv. Questmaster chuckling under his breath, not only at the win factor to him, but also Sophies horse sighting from last week. Had all the clues worked out and in place. David Whiteley fresh from teaching Sophie to surf was desk driver for the morning. Glams Anna Perrott and Anna Morton was in full flow on the phones and manning the constant flow of coffee to David. We commenced in Harleston and failed to get to the treasure at Thomas Paines statue in Thetford.




 All Saints Old Bukenham



Our nemesis of Kings Lynn wasn't reached last week. but we were done for by the pyramid clue. Can we do better this week? Well Sophie was back to find the clues ready and raring to keep the show flowing. Pilot Perrott was on hand to steer the Verv. David Whiteley was back from his stint on daytime radio. Questmaster still chuckling from last weeks defeat had his feindish clues all in place. Glam Gold Shoe Sam assisted on the phones. The car was parked in Dilham to start and we failed to reach the treasure at Little Snoring.







Only Eight weeks left of doing these reports as my last is the 27th of August. But bach to todays proceedings our runner for today was the 102nd solo run for Sophie Little. Fresh from last nights concert in Chapelfield park. Running around in the Verv with her was Pilot Perrott. David Whiteley possibly fresh from surfing somewhere on Norfolk's coast, was keeping the presenters chair warm this morning, tearing maps and downing coffee. Questmaster had the hard job done in getting the clues in place, he was not alone this week as Glam Anna Morton was there to assist. The crew were ensconsed in Burnham Market to start the proceedings and we failed to get to the treasure at Clfton House in Kings Lynn