A  Poem for David

There once was a man on a quest.

Who said to Norfolk, please do your best.

Each Sunday he'd read out the clues

And people would ring in with their views

From our morning cup of tea and toast

To our midday lunch, Sunday roast

David Clayton would always entertain

Even when the clues were a right  real pain

Often his map reading would be in doubt

But he kept the runners out and about

With many a dum, dum, dum button pressed

We even had the odd TQ special guest

Of the original TQ we had a slice

With a meeting of Anneka 'flippin' Rice

And with Wincey Wills the car broke down

Somewhere on old Wroxham town

When signal's lost, he would deploy

His favourite call-sign Broadsword to Danny Boy

We loved the stories he told

Of Norfolk life and days of old

Do David Clayton we'll miss you so much

To our TQ memories we will clutch

Whether radio listener or BBC crew

We all agree, David Clayton the real treasure is YOU


All Copyright Archant Eastern Daily Press 2016

No infringement intended

Have you been given an award you did not receive . Many of us have been awarded one of David Clayton's Duh duh duh's ,and told to put it on the mantlepiece and to keep it polished .

Did you ever receive it NO, no one ever has but now you can own this award just copy this and frame it.

And don't forget to keep it polished

Here is the official BBC Radio Norfolk press release


Becky Betts, BBC Radio Norfolk’s intrepid co-presenter of Treasure Quest, is leaving the programme at Easter. Her last show will be on Easter Monday when Treasure Quest completes its annual two-day Quest.

Becky, who has been with the programme since it started in 2008, is heading north of the border to work in Scotland and will be sorely missed by the programme’s legion of fans who help her every week to track down the right locations by solving the difficult clues set by the ‘Questmaster’ back in the studio.

Becky is sad to leave the programme where she has become a hit locally, with people coming out of their houses every Sunday morning to meet her when a clue location nearby is solved.

Becky says: “I’m going to miss Sundays but hope to return to Treasure Quest for the odd occasions when I’m back visiting family in the area. It’s not been an easy decision but other full time job opportunities have arisen north of the border. I’ll really miss the team-work and the camaraderie with our listeners. I may just have to listen in on-line every Sunday!”

David Clayton is the studio-based co-presenter of Treasure Quest and also BBC Radio Norfolk’s Editor, he says: “Becky has been a star, she’s climbed up trees, boated across lakes, swung on zip wires and pretty much stretched every sinew to find the Treasure Quest clues. Above all she makes wonderfully funny natural mistakes and is absolutely honest about her struggles with the physicality of the challenges; she frequently makes me laugh out loud!”

It is hoped that Becky can make the occasional guest-presenter appearance on Treasure Quest when she is back in the region to visit family and friends.

Becky’s replacement on BBC Radio Norfolk’s Treasure Quest will be announced soon.

BBC Treasure Quest now has its own page where you can go to listen again, or listen to short clips from past programmes