A  Poem for David

There once was a man on a quest.

Who said to Norfolk, please do your best.

Each Sunday he'd read out the clues

And people would ring in with their views

From our morning cup of tea and toast

To our midday lunch, Sunday roast

David Clayton would always entertain

Even when the clues were a right  real pain

Often his map reading would be in doubt

But he kept the runners out and about

With many a dum, dum, dum button pressed

We even had the odd TQ special guest

Of the original TQ we had a slice

With a meeting of Anneka 'flippin' Rice

And with Wincey Wills the car broke down

Somewhere on old Wroxham town

When signal's lost, he would deploy

His favourite call-sign Broadsword to Danny Boy

We loved the stories he told

Of Norfolk life and days of old

Do David Clayton we'll miss you so much

To our TQ memories we will clutch

Whether radio listener or BBC crew

We all agree, David Clayton the real treasure is YOU

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